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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #68 – Darkest before the Dawn…

We returned this week to discuss a bevy of stories from the world of MMA and Entertainment! First up we discussed the recent arrest, suspension, and title stripping of UFC’s own Jon Jones after a recent hit and run incident. We go over his controversies, and discuss what that might mean for MMA and UFC.…ufc-187-042815

We also discuss David Rockefeller going through his sixth heart transplant at the age of 99! Would you do the same if you had the money and the means?…ful-at-age-99/

After that it is time to discuss The Avengers: Age of Ultron! We went to see this movie together, so hear our take in the review (notice: SPOILER ALERT!!) Flesheater calls in to discuss the film as well.

Coming back from break it is a little more Avengers talk, and we also do a mini roundtable on Top Gun 2! We do a basic covering of it, but will go full force on next weeks show, you still need to hear the basics, and maybe you can give some of your thoughts on a possible sequel to Top Gun after all these years!

There is a bit of some technical glitches on this show, so listen in as we fight to keep the ship afloat in the middle of it all!

You gotta tune in to catch it all though

Listen to the Episode Here: Episode 68

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