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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #69 – Learning to care and share with the Human Centipede

We returned this week with a brand spanking new episode this time featuring fewer glitches!

Right off the bat we discuss how radio, and morning radio has become unlistenable to for awhile now. We discuss the problems with the way corporations have made it soft, both in the music and the content of shows, and also discuss the firing of Buck and Dex, a morning radio show in Albuquerque on 104.1 The Edge due to a “restructuring”.…-show-2713579/

We also talk about Sean finally watching Captain America Winter Soldier, and how that was way better than the new Avengers movie, along with Joss Whedon saying he’s done directing the Avengers movies, and quit twitter.…don-68640.html

A suprise call comes in with a mini reunion of a tag team, but it looks like things got worse instead of a reconciliation. Watch the last update about El Cucuy and El Guapo from this latest interview we did with them.

AndroidVirus goes into a litte bit of excitement for the Mad Max movie coming out next week, and the fact that we are going to watch it with a full report next week. Sean then explains his refusal to watch any of the Human Centipede movies on principle after the trailer for Human Centipede 3 came out this week.

Back from the break and we are joined with Mojoe and Chris Poulin to discuss a little more on the Human Centipede, along with things we would rather see than that.

We also go into 21 reciepes from back in the day that look upsetting. AndroidVirus and Sean have to pick one of these, and we will be trying them out and discuss them with another special guest next week!…es#.qamL2KkDZa

There is so much that was in this episode it goes into overtime so you gotta check it out!

You gotta tune in to check it out though

Listen to the show Here: Episode 69

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