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THE MOIDAIZERS SELF-TITLED Ep Review by Vincent Daemon

THE MOIDAIZERS SELF-TITLED Ep Label: Shmoove Operations Release Date: Available now

THE MOIDALIZERS are: SHMOOVE – Guitar, Midi BUCK – Guitar MIKE MOIDALIZER – Guitar SEAN – Drums DARKSIDER – Vocals G-RAJ – Bass


THE MOIDALIZERS are a six-piece powerhouse of straight-up, classic Rock-n-Roll, based out of the sprawling pit of Southeastern Pennsylvania known as Levittown *(or, more appropriately, the “Levittown area”). In all reality this is a strange review to do, as I know most of these gents fairly well. In fact, over the years, I’ve performed musically with five out of six of them, in one project or another. I’ve also known most of them 20+ years, and have watched their talents and abilities transform and change, mutate, transmogrify and grow.

This slam-bang, five soDisplaying tmoids4.jpgng self-titled ep is their first release, and a strong one at that. Sonically, it sounds like it was recorded and finalized in the most professional of studios, when in fact it is entirely self recorded, produced, and mixed, to an astonishing perfection, by the band themselves. Genre wise, it’s all just Rock-n-Roll *(heh, isn’t everything?), but each song shows off various bits of each members own personal preferences, as everyone contributes to every song. They write and perform as a band, in the true sense of the word.

Topically, all things are covered, as M. DARKSIDER sings, growls, and generally belts out all words, with the right dynamics at the right times, never going too far but just far enough. He also writes all lyrics, yet the general interests of all members are included, as they all are basically, into the similar interests of the strange, cryptids, ufo’s, weed, conspiracies, and of course, women. DARKSIDER’s lyrics come from the mind and heart, often with multiple entendres and a sense of humor, but all with passion. He’s a hell of a vocalist, and their live performance is nothing short of  spectacular. He is energy.

The disc opens with the punky “The Turning,” and flows into the unique, catchy “Fallout.” After that, however, is my favorite song on the disc *(and in the entirety of what I’ve heard of the tons of material that they do indeed have), “Crom’s Riddle of Steel,” an epic track about exactly what the title implies. Perhaps the best homage to the classic CONAN THE BARBARIAN I’ve yet to hear *(take that, Norway). Everything about the song is brilliant, most especially the chorus, and it’s scope of composition as a whole. I absolutely love this song.

Next up is the much softer “Vapor Trails,” followed by “Triple Threat,” another punk-driven solid rocker and a fantastic closer to the disc. And just for the record, this review was done without any bias. If it sucked, I would say it sucked. Probably in a manner that would get me in many loads of trouble of some kind. Not like it hasn’t happened before. This is more of an appreciation, almost astonishment, at the levels of talent involved here, and the fact that if they keep at it could really have something. I’ve watched these musicians grow over the past twenty years. I remember when no one knew how to play, and we were all just figuring our shit out, going on instinct and boredom and all being natural born artists of one variety or another, with nothing to do but beat on electronic things.

This album is a true treat to the senses. THE MOIDALIZERS are definitely worth your time. If you can catch them live, do so, as that is where they truly shine; the energy is unbelievable. And I’ve heard bits of what’s to come, and it only gets better.

Also, on June 1st, M. DARKSIDER will be our first guest on the upcoming radiocast “2 in the Same Boat with MoJoe & Vincent.” We can also be found under that on Facebook.  

THE MOIDALIZERS can *(and should) be contacted at

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  1. Nice review Vinnie. . . . and thanks for turning me on to the Moidalizers \m/


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