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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #70 – Mad Max and Epic Food Battle!

We are back this week with special guest star Gen Padova returning to take on the food challenge from last week!

Gen joins us to let us know how she has been up to, as well as her dish of choice! We discuss the food items again as well as talk about the process in creating them. Androidvirus then goes in to discuss having The Fever stay with him as they are on tour, when they made their stop in Albuquerque. It was a bunch of fun, as it always is with any of the bands we have had the pleasure to know and love!

Gen discusses her newest feature on her site which is live show that members get for free but you can also get a pay for show if you are not a member. Check out all the details at (NSFW obviously)
also check out Gen in her other areas
Her awesome food blog!
On Twitter:
on Facebook:

We also discuss Mad Max: Fury Road a little bit, spoiler free because Sean was not able to catch it yet, but needless to say it is worth watching a must see! This goes into a discussion of movies, Pro Wrestling, and AndroidVirus love for daytime soap operas. It also goes into the art of a story, which brings up the lost art of storytelling in old time vintage porn movies.

Back from the break and we watch a quick youtube video about Karaoke in Japan with an interesting twist! Check out the video and follow along with us!

Then we get to the MAIN EVENT for the evening! AndroidVirus and Gen Padova try out their food dishes!
Does anyone vomit? Does anyone actually enjoy this stuff? You have to listen in to hear what happens!

Listen to the show Here: Episode 70


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