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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #71 – A World of Fire and Blood

Due to an issue with getting certain blood test results, we are Sean-less this week, but as Freddie Mercury said, show must go on! We are joined with Maniac Mojoe Dancer and Flesheater himself as special cohosts, and get right into the crazy backstory to the family of Flesheater and the mania of Bill Stoneking!

We get more in depth with Mad Max: Fury Road this week (MAJOR SPOILERS) and go into detail why we love this movie so much! We take the discussion into levels that are more than just the cinematic performances as we discuss the spiritual aspects of Mad Max! We also discuss the prequel comic for Mad Max that will go more into the back story.

After the break we return and have Chris Poulin to join us and the convo goes literally to the sewer as we discuss more of the fallout from last weeks food challenge featuring Gen Padova. If you have been a longtime listener of the show, you know how this discussion turns, and for the new ones, welcome aboard!

We also go down a dark road, and discuss a story about the contents of the infamous Ed Gein’s home which had a ton of items that were made from human parts including bowls, belts, aprons, and much more!…d-gein-s-house

We will be back next week to celebrate our official 2 year anniversary doing this and will have some special guest on with us, so don’t miss out!

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 71

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