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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #72 – Celebrating 2 years with Eva Medusa!

Dragon Lady Eva Medusa is going to be joining us with all the fun!

We are back celebrating our 2 year anniversary of doing this little entertaining show! On this episode we discuss right away the changes coming to our rss feed. Starting next week The AndroidVirus and Sean Show turns into The Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network! It will include our show, along with the currently running Cemetery Gates Podcast featuring AndroidVirus and Xander Kane, as well as two other new shows: 2 in the same boat featuring Mojoe and Vincent which showcases the paranormal and other otherworldly ideas, and The Curtain Jerkers that talks about the world of fighting (MMA, Pro Wrestling and more!)

We then get into a pastor who is openly anti Gay that has been caught with a Grindr profile! We discuss the hipocracy of this, as well as anyone else who does things like this.…ng-app-grindr/

We are then joined by Dragon Lady Eva Medusa who is back to give us an update on what she is up to, her journey and also to celebrate with us! She goes through her trials and tribulations as of late and her progress with body modification. We also talk about Eva being in the documentary Modify which you can rent on Netflix. Check out her at the following

Back from break and we are joined by Flesheater, Vincent Daemon, Mojoe and Chris Poulin to discuss a new segment we are going to do in the future as well as discussing the movie Need For Speed and then discuss video game movies and there is not one good one in the bunch!

There is so much show this week we take it into overtime! You have to hear it all!

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 72

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