The Intestinal Fortitude News Feed

Debut of The Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network!

AndroidVirus and Sean made the announcement this past Friday that the RSS feed their show is located on is going to be changed. Those changes will take place this weekend as we are debuting The Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network!

No AndroidVirus and Sean are not going away, they are just allowing other shows and opportunities for people who want to broadcast and entertain, and who are we to turn away such requests?

It means more for you! We now will include The AndroidVirus and Sean Show, Cemetery Gates Podcast (which already was on the feed), and now Two in the Same Boat with Mojoe and Vincent, as well as The Curtain Jerkers! Each show will have a different flavor to it to satisfy everyone’s appetite! All that plus small editions of The Intestinal Fortitude Radio where we discuss news in the entertainment world!

We still will have all the other shows we have partnered with on this website as well, these are just new shows directly on the feed to Itunes!

So tune in because the changes are here and you don’t wanna miss out on any of it!

We will have the updated links for all our partners (Stitcher, Tune In, Itunes) when they have been updated!



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