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Interview with MITCH BATEMAN from SEPO by Vincent Daemon

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed SEPO’s upcoming self-titled release here amongst the Rosetta Bones. It was an amazing set of recordings, so much so that I needed to nab a review to learn more about MITCH’s intense band, past projects (of which there are many), his book, and any upcoming projects he may have in the works. MITCH is a helluva gent, and got these questions back to me with a rare expediency. I also got the skinny on what the word SEPO means, and it is hilarious.

So, without further adieu, here is my exclusive interview with MITCH BATEMAN of SEPO.

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1) You have a truly impressive background. What are some of your previous projects, for the readers out there, who will be listeners, yet are uninitiated?

THE STRIPPER KILLERS was my last band. ANTI-HUMAN MOVEMENT is another one of many bands I’ve had. Unfortunately, the only other band recorded was THE BROOD, I don’t know if any of those albums even exist anymore, maybe some hard core fans still have THE BROOD album.

2) How and when did SEPO form, and what are some of your past releases?

We formed in 2012 but I was recording some material on my own before that, as THE STRIPPER KILLERS were still playing shows. I released SEPO “City of L.A.” and SEPO “Do what you wanna do” before this latest self-titled album.

I was on tour in London with THE STRIPPER KILLERS, drinking with some Australian guys. I asked them what a derogatory term for an American was. All together, in unison, they said, “SEPO”! I told them if I had another band, SEPO would be the name I would use. So, here we are.

3) SEPO has a uniquely dark yet classic sound. Who writes what musically in the band, or is it more of a team effort?

I write all of the music and lyrics for SEPO, but if someone has an idea I’ll listen. I have the best band anyone could ask for. They all have their own styles, they’re not just blind followers.

4) How did DAVID KLEIN from AGENT ORANGE (and many other bands) come to be involved in the recording, as he played drums for this release.

A friend of mine introduced us so we could work together musically. She was playing bass for SEPO at the time, but had another project to do, so Dave offered to play bass for the album, as well as record and produce SEPO. We are a great live band, but Dave is a genius behind the board and made us sound even better. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their album to sound professional.

5) Do you have a U.S. tour planned at all?

We have a London tour being booked right now. I have played in Ireland and London with THE STRIPPER KILLERS, and it’s a lot of fun, a completely different atmosphere from America. As far as the U.S., we’re not sure yet.

6) You have a published book, “ODD LIBERTIES.” What is it about, and where/how can one acquire it?

You can Google “ODD LIBERTIES” and order it from the publishing company, “Blur.”  The book is just my thoughts and the way I see the world. A girl took all of my writings from napkins and notebooks and typed them up, sent them in and got the book published. There would be no book if it weren’t for her.

7) Do you have any other books in the works?

I do. I have one written but not published. It’s titled, “True Tales of Villainy and Debauchery”. The book is true stories from traveling inside and outside America.

8) The new ep is incredible. When do you plan on releasing it?

Thanks a lot. The release date is scheduled for July 2015. It was supposed to be out much sooner, but problems kept arising. Also, we wanted to add more songs to the album, so it took a bit longer than expected. It’s worth the wait though.

9) How do you feel it matches up to SEPO‘s other albums?

I think this is the best SEPO album yet. It has something for everyone.

10) Do you have any other upcoming musical projects?

Yes, I have ANTI-HUMAN MOVEMENT, which is ALEX STORY (CANCERSLUG, ULTRA CREEPS, BORN IN ANGEL’S BLOOD, DOYLE) and I playing whatever we feel like that day, ha. There is also THE DIES and a new project named SPIDERGEIST. All these bands sound completely different from one another. THE DIES has a slower darker feel, and SPIDERGEIST is just insane. I’m working with MARZA PANTHER on that project.

And there you have it. Contact the band, buy this album, and keep a watch for both THE DIES and SPIDERGEIST, as they will be coming for you sooner than you expect. More info will be sure to follow.

And finally, many thanks to MITCH BATEMAN for the interview.

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