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Wednesday Night Wars Results – The Curtain Jerkers

Welcome to the Wednesday Night War! With NXT, ROH, TNA, and Lucha Underground all having shows on the same night, there can be only one winner…YOU! So here are the results from various places on each show!


NXT Results 6/10/15 (Credit: WrestlingInc)

Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder vs. Scott Dawson & Mike Rallis

Mojo controls both opponents early on before tagging out to Ryder. Zack runs wild, hittng a big dropkick before the Broski Boot. He gets worked over briefly before hot tagging Mojo who gets hype, as they say. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the win.

Winners: Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley via pinfall (Rough Ryder)

– We see vignettes for Finn Balor’s return to Japan and Dana Brooke.

Emma vs. Blue Pants

Huge “Happy Birthday” chants for Blue Pants as she mocks Emma’s dance. Emma attacks her and takes control with a submission hold, rocking Blue Pants every time she tries to break out. Finally Blue Pants escapes and kicks Emma several times, before landing clubs to the chest for two. Emma applies the Emma Lock for the submission.

Winner: Emma via submission (Emma Lock)

– Enzo, Cass and Carmella vs. Alexa, Blake & Murphy is set for next week. The former cut their typical fast tongued promo.

Tyler Breeze vs. Bull Dempsey

Dempsey immediately drops Breeze and applies a rear chinlock. Breeze battles out and gets tackled again. Breeze is playing the babyface. He runs from Bull outside the ring and Bull gets tired as the crowd chants “cardio.” Breeze rolls an exhausted Dempsey in the ring and hits the Beauty Shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze via pinfall (Beauty Shot)

– We take a look back at the NXT Takeover Women’s Title match.

Becky Lynch vs. Jessie McKay

McKay lands a shoulder block but gets arm dragged repeatedly before landing a boot. McKay locks on a standing armbar while periodically working the arm. Lynch gets a couple of roll-ups but cant get the pin. Instead she hits a clothesline and a hammerlock suplex. Lynch locks on the armbar for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch via submission (armbar)

– Regal is backstage where Bull Dempsey comes up eating junk food. Regal tells him to get his act together.

– Jason Jordan is shown saying he’ll find the right tag partner. Chad Gable offers his services again and Jordan rejects the Olympian. Gable then writes his name on Jordan’s locker.

Baron Corbin vs. Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins tries to utilize his amateur background, but a big elbow takes that out of the equation. Corbin takes over with a clotheslines and a punch. Dawkins fights backs and gets killed with a clothesline. End of Days. Pin. That was impressive.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall (End of Days)

– Kevin Owens comes out for commentary

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Dawson

Joe grabs an arm, but Dawson is holding his own in there wrestling with Joe before resorting to brawling tactics. Owens brags about how great of a back elbow he can do, and it’s hilarious. Joe hits a uranage and a Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

Joe tells Owens to get in the ring and stop running from him. Owens says he doesn’t run anywhere, which is funny. He calls Joe a rookie in NXT. William Regal comes out and announces Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens next week in a non-title match.



TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/10/15 (Credit: WrestlingInc)

Josh Matthews and The Pope are on commentary. The show opens with Kurt Angle backstage. He’s gearing himself up for Spud. Additionally, Taryn defends her title against Kong and Bram has a major announcement.

Ethan Carter comes out to protest at his shoddy treatment and stages a sit in. Angle scares him and threatens to break his ankle if he tries to get involved.

Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud for the TNA World Title

The super formal ring announcing helps make this match seem like a big deal. Josh says he doesn’t think Spud can beat Angle a few times. Yeah, this just makes Spud look like a joke, Josh. The bout opens with the pair locking up and Angle trying to get Spud down on the mat. Spud tries to escape and get to the ropes. He manages to get there and the ref breaks them up. Angle charges at Spud, but misses and hits the ringpost instead. Spud hits a missle dropkick and a head-scissors and sends Angle to the outside. Spud goes for a dive on the outside but Angle catches him.

Angle throws Spud back into the ring and hits a Suplex for the two count. Angle puts him in the headlock but Spud battles back with a Jawbreaker. Angle counters with a backbreaker off the ropes. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Spud manages to escape and hits an enzugiri. Spud hits Angle with a flurry of shots and Angle seems overwhelmed. Spud is truly bringing the fight to him here. Angle misses a charge and heads to the floor. Angle makes it back to the apron only for Spud to hit him with a dropkick. Spud gets on the top rope and hits a senton. Man, that was amazing. Angle
manages to make his way back into the ring. He looks totally beaten up ad shell-shocked. But it turns out he might only be playing possum as he hits Spud with a belly-to-belly. What a comeback move! Angle, Hulking Up apparently, goes for the Angle slam as Spud desperately tries to escape. He fights backs and Angle responds by going for the Ankle Lock. Spud rolls through it. He nails an underdog on the champion and goes for the pin but it only gets a two. Angle manages to hit the Ankle lock and holds it in deep, Spud, after trying to hang in there as long as he could, eventually taps.

Winner and still TNA champion: Kurt Angle

Good match, but you have to wonder why Josh continually emphasized that Spud wasn’t going to win if, well, he wasn’t going to win. How inept does that make him look? Promoters should only play the “underdog” angle if the person is going to win. Otherwise he just looks bad.

Angle pays respect to Spud after the match ends by holding up his hand. Then Austin Aries comes out. Angle and Aries have a staredown and that’s our main event.

Taryn Terrell announces she’ll face Kong for the title tonight in a Lingerie Pillow Fight. The Dollhouse make fun of Kong and wonder what she’ll find to wear.

Low Ki vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Manik in an X division qualifier bout

All the men in the ring. Some wacky antics with Steve and Manik to start things off. “Can you imagine if Manik and Steve became a team?” Josh asks. What a scary, scary thought. Manik attacks Low Ki and they go at it. Some good action here, including Low Ki countering Steve’s flying Codebreaker with a springboard. Ultimately, Low Ki hits Manik with the Warrior’s Way to advance in the competition. Decent x division bout but a bit too focused on comedy and too short on time.

Winner: Low Ki

Grado is in the back doing squats. He then attempts a parkour but fall and trips. Somewhere John Morrison is laughing. This was quite a cute little segment in its own way.

We get a recap of Storm shoving Mickie off the platform to her DOOM~!. Relax, guys, they assure us she’s fine. This company, however? Not so much. The announcers tease Magnus’s return to confront Storm next week.

DJZ vs. Tigre Uno vs. Mandrews in an X Division qualifier

DJZ goes after Tigre and tries to slam him but Tigre counters with the wheelbarrow armdrag. DJZ hits him with a dropkick and manages to catch Mandrews as he comes off of the ropes. He gets the scissors on Uno. A lot of action going on here. Mandrews hits the moonsault on DJZ for a two count. Uno flies and gets a dropkick to both men. DJZ hits a dive to Mandrews but Uno manages to break it up. Uno hits DJZ with a legdrop but Mandrews breaks it up. Uno ducks out of the ring to avoid an aerial assault by Mandrews. DJZ dives onto Mandrews, Uno comes back in, tosses DJZ out and hits the Phoenix Splash to win.

Winner: Tigre Uno

After the match Jesse Godderz attacks DJZ. Segment ends with him standing over DJZ gloating.

We see Taryn Terrell on her way to the ring for her match with Awesome Kong.

Taryn sits on a giant pink bed wearing a purple robe. She calls out Kong. Kong comes out but isn’t wearing Lingerie. The Dollhouse tell her to go get changed. Kong grabs Marti and Jade and beats them down on the floor. Taryn insists she has won the match and tries to get them to announce it. Brooke comes out and says the entire idea of a Lingerie Pillow Match is an embarrassment to the Knockouts division. Brooke attacks Taryn, pulls off her robe and she flees to the back. Brooke says she’s coming for Taryn’s title next. Weird segment.

We see Bobby Roode tell Austin Aries he has his back tonight in the match with Kurt Angle. He does make a point of saying he wants a title shot if Austin wins though.

Grado is weighing himself on scales. He even strips to try and his weight down to qualify for the X division title. Then Jeremy Borash reminds him there are no weight limits for the title. So he can put his clothes ac on and get ready to compete in his X division qualifier match next. Well thank God for that.

Kenny King vs. Cruz vs. Grado in an X Division qualifier match

King goes after Grado and gets him down on the mat. All three men then go at it with Kenny running wild on poor Grado with several vicious chops. King beats Grado into the corner and escapes a whirl gutbreaker from Cruz. King goes for the pin on Cruz but only manages a two count after Grado interferes. King locks on a chinlock on Cruz and clotheslines him. Grado goes for a figure four leglock but fails to get it on. King kicks him the face. Cruz goes up top for the senton and crossbody but King counters with the Royal Flush. Grado rushes in, attacks King with punches, tosses him out of the ring then hits the cannonball on Cruz to pick up the win and advance. The fans are ecstatic.

Winner: Grado

Bram has beaten up an innocent cameraman backstage because, well, he’s Bram. He promises worse to come when he goes out to the ring.

We come back from commercial to see Bram in the ring. He says he doesn’t think much of the past. He then challenges a past TNA star to come out and fight him. A returning Crimson comes out to answer the challenge and the bell rings.

Bram vs. Crimson

Crimson throws Bram around and sends him flying outside of the ring. Bram is furious. He fights back and sends Crimson straight into the barricade. And again. Ouch. Bram throws him back into the ring. Bram brutalizes Crimson for a while, but Crimson eventually fights back with a suplex nnd Rings of Saturn but Bram gets to the ropes. Crimson goes for his finisher but Bram bites his hand then hits the Brighter Side of Suffering for the win.

Winner: Bram.

Angle cuts a promo backstage. He says was impressed by Spud and took him very seriously. He says he intends to do the same wit Aries tonight.

We see ECIII. He is irate and claims he is the true No 1 contender. He tells Angle that when he throws the first punch, Angle will not get up again. Are they teasing him getting involved?

Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle (c) for the TNA World Title

We get the super formal ring announcements by Borash again. Yeah, this worked better earlier. Te bell rings and both men dance around each other for a few moments. Lock up. Angle gets to the ropes and Aries backs off. Angle tries to take him down but Aries counters with a facelock. Angle goes for a headlock. Aries counters with his own headlock. There’s a cool head scissors/headstand/dropkick exchange as both guys fight for dominance. Angle throws Aries into the buckle and hits him with several vicious shots. Aries turned it around in the corner and hits Angle with a clothesline for the two count. This is a great match. Angle goes for the German but Austin gets out of it. We head for a break.

We’re back and Austin seems to have the advantage. Aries gets a few two counts off some elbows off the top rope. Aries goes from the brainbuster for Angle manages to stop it just in time. He then hits the suplex and both guys are down. They get up and exchange punches. Angle hits his foe with three German Suplexes. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Aries blOcks it and hits a DDT. Aries goes for the pin but only gets a two. Aries goes for the last chancery but Angle gets off the Ankle lock. Aries rolls through it and sends Angle across the ring. Angle goes up top for a dropkick. Angle goes for the ankle lock again. Austin gets to the ropes. Then Angle hits the Angle slam…but Austin kicks out at two. Angle goes for the moonsault but Austin rolls out of the way in time and hits the last chancery. Angle gets to the ropes. Austin goes up top but Angle jumps up there too but Austin throws him down. He hits a 450 splash but only gets a two count. Austin is stunned and looks like he has no clue how to stop this man. Angle gets up and the two brawl. Aries hits him with a Hesitation Dropkick in the corner but he still can’t keep Angle down. Austin puts in the Ankle lock but Kurt manages to roll out. Kurt heads outside and Aries proceeds to climb up top and go for a suicide dive, but Angle ducks out of the way in time. What an amazing spot. Aries has knocked himself out. Angle rolls him back into the ring and goes for the Ankle lock, this time Aries taps. Superb match. One of the best of the year, even.

Winner and still TNA World champion Kurt Angle

After the match ECIII comes out and attacks Kurt. The show ends with him holding the title and teasing a future confrontation.


Ring Of Honor TV Results 6/10/15 (Credit: WrestlingInc)

– Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out and say Bobby Fish got attacked in the parking lot and the main event might not happen. They say the contract is to fight Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, not O’Reilly and a replacement. This brings Kyle out, and the match starts

ROH Tag Team Championships
Addiction (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly gets the advantage on both guys, but Kaz and Daniels double team him and control the match. O’Reilly threatens periodically, but Addiction cut him off and end his glimmer of hope. O’Reilly does a cool spot on the outside where Addiction is on a chair and he hits a big knee on both of them. Back inside, O’Reilly gets an armbar on Kaz and Daniels hits him with the belt.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly via DQ

Addiction attacks after the match, but Matt Sydal and ACH make the save.

– We get a promo from Mark Briscoe, where he talks about his match at Best in the World against Donovan Dijak.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Dalton Castle (w/ His boys)

Castle and Liger both get awesome reactions, and this whole situation is a pretty cool scene. Castle controls thing early and hits a huracanrana to the outside of the ring. He flaunts around with his boys as we go to a commercial break.
When we come back, Liger hits a big dive outside to take control and beats down Castle a little bit. Liger then poses with Castle’s boys, which really makes Castle mad. The crowd is going crazy for this whole situation.

Castle attacks Liger with body presses for a two count, and then both guys are down after a double clothesline. Liger gets up and lands a huracanrana for a nearfall, but Castle gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Castle answers with an inverted airplane spin, but Liger hits the Liger Bomb and brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger via pinfall (brainbuster)

Castle showed a lot of respect to Liger after the match. This was all really cool to see. Backstage Liger wishes Cheeseburger good luck. They slap each other and hug.

Cheese Burger vs. Brutal Bob Evans

These two brawl outside quickly as this rivalry has gotten pretty emotional. Cheeseburger ends up moving out of the way of a charging Evans, who hits the guard rail. This sets up Cheeseburger for a nice senton off of the rail.

The two go back and forth with big smacks, but Evans hits a big shoulder block. Instead of taking the pin, Evans ends up pulling Cheeseburger. Evans slams Cheeseburger through a table by the ring and the ref calls the match.

Result: No contest

– Jay Lethal is backstage talking about next week’s contract signing. ReDRagon will get their tag title rematch at Best in the World.

Kingdom (w/ Maria) vs. Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)

Kingdom comes out with the IWGP Tag Team Championships, which is always cool to see on an ROH show. Karl Anderson is really in to Maria, which has been the story line of late. He chases her and both teams end up brawling. This ends in Gallows hitting a powerbomb on Bennett to the apron as we go to a commercial.

We come back to see the Bullet Club working over Bennett, and Red Shoes doesn’t give a damn about their double teaming. Taven sees this and hits a splash, followed by a dropkick. All hell breaks loose, and the ref really doesn’t care. Kingdom is in control.

Taven hits a superkick as Bennett spears Anderson, then Taven flips to the outside. This match is all over the place, and the ref calls the match.

Result: No contest

Bullet Club looks like they’re going to hit Kingdom with chairs, but Maria distracts them. Kingdom fights them off briefly, but Taven gets tossed into a bunch of chairs to end the show.


Lucha Underground Results 6/10/15 (Credit: WrestlingInc)

A huge announcement from Dario Cueto is teased. The show opens with Blue Demon being back in the temple. Chavo and Demon will face each other tonight in a rematch.

Chavo vs. Blue Demon.

It’s anything goes for this vicious grudge match and, yes, that includes hockey sticks. Blue Demon is still in a suit, amusingly enough. Well, he didn’t know he was wrestling, so I guess that makes sense. Chavo attacks Demon with Kendo shots. Demon tries to fight back. Ultimately, Chavo hits a frog splah and, with the help of his crew, manages to defeat Demon.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Drago is back. He’s looking rather Batman-esque. He confronts Dario in the bathroom about being in the No. 1 contenders match later. Dario tells him he’s in, but if he doesn’t win, he’ll have to lose his mask and be banished. Odd segment.

Pimpi, Mascarita, and Bengala vs. The Diciples with Catrina

Fun tag match, with some great tag team exchanges with a some nice moves early on from Pimpi. Bengala tags in and does a great moonsault. The crowd seems very into Catrina. Pimpi is running wild, however, The Disciples win after the lick of death on Pimpinella from Catrina and a triple team maneuver.

Winners: The Disciples of Death

We see Johnny Mundo in Dario’s office. He’a angry. He says he wants to be in the No.1 Contenders match. Dario wants him to a shot before Ultimate Lucha. Dario announces there will be a 60 minute Iron Man match next week, Mundo vs. Prince Puma for the title! What a swell boss Dario is.

Drago vs. Cage vs. King Cuerno vs. Hernandez in a No. 1 contender match.

Hernandez and Cage went after each other right from the bell. Cuerno heads for Drago. Drago is going crazy. Hernandez tosses Cage aside and goes after Cuerno. Cage goes after Hernandez. Cuerno and Cage double team Hernandez. Drago breaks up Cuerno’s pin on Cage. Lots of action here. Cage hits an amazing moonsault on Hernandez. People getting thrown out left and right. The story of the match was Cage and Cuerno trying to work together but it usually falling apart. The finish came about when Hernandez got tossed out by Drago, who then used the green mist on King Cuerno and hit a Dragon’s Tail Pin for the one-two-three. Good main event that people should go out of their way to see if possible.

Winner: Drago

The show ends with a tease for Puma vs. Mundo in a 60 minute Iron Man match next week.


So who won the war this week? Well that is all a matter of opinion and also ratings! Which of these do you think deserve to be on top?


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