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THE DROOGETTES & EXTERNAL MENACE split 7” Review by Vincent Daemon

THE DROOGETTES & EXTERNAL MENACE split 7” Label: Creep Records Release: 2015 – – – Available now



This is a quickie, a mini-review of sorts, for the brand new limited edition, split-seven inch record featuring two songs from Philly’s THE DROOGETTES, and two songs from the legendary scottish streetpunks EXTERNAL MENACE, who’ve been at this since about 1979 or so.

EXTERNAL MENACE’s side contains the songs “Playin’ God” and “Rights Now.” Catchy, fast, and classic, these two songs are the perfect accompaniment to round out the other, smoother  side of the spit, as EXTERNAL MENACE’s original-era sound is still in tact and just as streetpunk-furious as ever. The lyrics covering the usual topics of the genre, with a point of view from the “other side of the pond.”

ExternalMenaceTHE DROOGETTES side contains two newly recorded songs: “Girls at the Milkbar” and “Antifa Rollerskating.” They were recorded by MIKE BARDZIK, formerly of Philly’s own THE BOILS and 60’s influenced Mod act DUFFY’S CUT. And he did a hell of a job, both songs a little more brash, though still very smoothly recorded, that seeming parazudox *(learn your NADSAT, you fukking horrorshow) blending perfecty to build upon their catchy, lush, and original devotchka Philly streetpunk sound. THE DROOGETTES are no guff.

All in all this is a great split, listened to in the time it took for this chelloveck to suck down a cancer and some Moloko Vellocet.

“Why such a short, quick review? You usually babble away inanely and endlessly,” you might ask?

Well, tonight THE DROOGETTES are performing live, along with the classic SoCal hardcore and punk pioneers THE ADOLESCENTS and THE WEIRDOS *(for me personally, a dream gig – – – never did I think I’d get a chance to see THE WEIRDOS, their classic “Solitary Confinement” being one of the first songs I ever learned to play), at Philly’s own UNION TRANSFER, 1026 Spring Garden Street. Doors open at 8pm, and the show is ALL AGES. Tickets may still be available. This show is a polyclef, opening doors of sound and performance that range from 1980 to now. If you live within this red-brick wasteland of a city, you’d be an absolute Chaplain to miss this. Support your local band *(THE DROOGETTES), and keep the community alive. They deserve it. *(You, however, I’m not so sure).


droogettesNot only am I quite looking forward to this gig *(which will be reviewed as well), but seeing three such intense acts, one of which *(THE WEIRDOS) I never thought would play again, plus THE ADOLESCENTS *(saw them in Los Angeles several years ago at the FRONTIER RECORDS 30th Anniversary spectacular, always a great show), and of corpse, perhaps most importantly, THE DROOGETTES. There are no appy polly loggies for you lewdies if you miss out on these awesome devotchkas. Get your Gullivers out of your arses and come check the show.

The 7” is available at REBEL SOUND RECORDS, and may be tonight at the show. For more on THE DROOGETTES:




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