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Cemetery Gates #11 Creature from Black Lake (1976) – Backwoods (Geek) (1987)

AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don’t have to! This week we are discussing two movies about horror in the woods and swamplands!

Up first is the 1976 Monster Movie ‘Creature from Black Lake’ Comedy-Horror ‘Zombeavers’. Listen in as we discuss this mysterious creature as it terrorizes a town and what they intend to do to stop it! IMDB

We follow that up with zany murder at a summer camp! No not that movie you fools, we are talking about 1987’s ‘Backwoods AKA GEEK’ Who will survive the onslaught? You’ll have to listen to find out! IMDB

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 11

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