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Amber ‘The Bully’ Brown defeats Catherine Costigan at Invicta FC 13!


(Editors note: We here at The Intestinal Fortitude would like to personally congratulate Amber ‘The Bully’ Brown on a very dominant victory over Catherine Costigan. Amber proves time and again why she is one of the most dominant females out there in WMMA, and kudos to all the hard work she puts in her pursuit to be The Best in the World! – Sean)



Amber Brown vs. Catherine Costigan

They call Costigan “The Female Conor McGregor.” She’s in blue trunks and a white top. Amber Brown promised in the pre-fight video package “to leave her bloody.” She has on black trunks and a green top and is known as “The Bully.” She trains with Ray Borg and Tim Means. Costigan is 5-0, Brown is 4-1. Costigan hails from Limerick, Ireland. Brown hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our referee is Mark Smith.


Round 1: The two clinch up right at the jump. Brown gets double underhooks and takes Costigan down straight to full mount. She’s staying tight and not posturing up for the full mount, but she’s cranking on the jaw and keeping Costigan from breathing properly. 90 seconds in she finally sits up and drops some elbows. Costigan tries and fails to escape.ambsbrown2 If she’s the female Conor McGregor this is good news for Chad Mendes. Brown is landing solid left hands to the body and going for an arm triangle choke. Costigan is trying to defend with wrist control. This is all one way traffic. Costigan is being warned to fight back. Mark Smith keeps taking a close look. Costigan gives up her back and keeps getting pounded, and Brown finally taps her out with a choke with under 90 seconds left in R1.

Final result: Amber Brown via rear naked choke at 3:34 of the first round.



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