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BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME ‘COMA EPILEPTIC’ Album Review by Vincent Daemon


BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME COMA EPILEPTIC Label: Metal Blade Release Date: July 10th (Available NOW!)




BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME are: Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr. – lead vocals, keyboards (2000–present) Paul Waggoner – lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals (2000–present) Dustie Waring – rhythm and lead guitar (2004–present) Blake Richardson – drums (2004–present) Dan Briggs – bass, keyboards, backing vocals (2005–present)


Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.lead vocals, keyboards (2000–present)

Paul Waggonerlead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals (2000–present)

Dustie Waringrhythm and lead guitar (2004–present)

Blake Richardsondrums (2004–present)

Dan Briggsbass, keyboards, backing vocals (2005–present)


COMA EPILEPTIC is BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME’s seventh full length release since the band’s inception in 2000. Being of a conceptual nature (as most of their albums have been), this plays through as a demented Rock Opera, of sorts, for those into this strange blend of progressive death metal/classic rock/jazz fusion. COMA EPILEPTIC tells the tumultuous tale of a man in a coma, as he drifts through the various legacies and let downs of his past lives while trapped in this unspecified medical situation *(we know it’s a coma, but never know the exact reason for the coma; that’s not entirely necessary). However, we do learn the world inside the mind of this particular comatose individual is filled with pains and sorrows, joys and wonders, sadness and despairs. But, he is offered a choice – – – and which one will he take?

To be honest, I’ve not heard much of their music over the years, most any serious interest in metal having faded and virtually disintegrated altogether for me long ago with the rise of Nu-Metal, then Metalcore, and Screamo, each devolution of the sound worse than the one before it. *(Or maybe I’m just fukkin’ old – – – who knows.) So naturally, I lost interest. Some ok bands came along, here or there *(Finland’s BABYLON WHORES for one, a long deceased band I still love), but it all seemed to be mellowing/simpering, or classic *(hell, most) bands were running out of concepts *(IRON MAIDEN’s been struggling with this for years now, be honest about it), or were standard tough guy crap, just plain holding no interest to me whatsoever. However, nor am I entirely unfamiliar with many of these acts, as I do have acquaintances and friends that love the shit. Finally, it seems, over the past couple of years, I’ve been hearing a move beyond the boring and staid, with more heart and more passion, as well as an expansion of sounds and experimentation, that has drawn me back in again a little bit.


COMA EPILEPTIC is one of those rare, quasi-mainstream albums. The music is a nonstop flow of different energies and ideas, that seem to wave into each other along with the concepts involved – – – the (mostly audible) lyrics are fully, twistingly compatible with the music being presented. The interplay of the two is fascinating in this particular way. The vocals of Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr. are something unique as well, lying somewhere between Josh Homme, Chris Barnes, Devin Townsend, and Mike Patton, often switching seamlessly between all four in the course of a song.

There are influences musically in here that cover a mind-boggling array of bands: FAITH NO MORE, KING CRIMSON, THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, VOIVOD, QUEEN, RUSH, ELP, and so many others that at times you forget you’re even listening to a “metalcore band.” In fact, there are points where the organized chaos of instrumental wankery *(and I’m not big on wankery, lest it be to my own lonely member) take one’s mind on an unexpected loopty-loop of what the fukk did they just play and how the fukk did they pay it? In all reality, fairly impressive. I’ll go as far as to say it’s quite smart, in fact, the entire way they’ve put together the album, working the music and concept in as one solid piece, broken down into little sub-pieces that are essential to the whole – – – no filler. It’s almost like an anthology in that sense. Every song, every note even, tells of a slice of a past life this poor comatosed bastard has previously lived, all leading to the finality of the protagonists choice, not unlike a decent Twilight Zone episode.

And what exactly is that choice? I’m not going to tell you. That’s BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME. Go buy COMA EPILEPTIC for yourself and find out. I’m not here to tell you how the tale ends *(go read my fiction for that), but only that it’s worth hearing.


Vincent Daemon, writer, editor, musician, photgrapher, film/music buff and historian, and rabblerouser, can be found on Facebook at as well as his spontaneously updated blog of writing news and nonsense THE WRITINGS OF A DEPRAVED MIND of his music can be painfully experienced  at His email isvdaemon13@gmail.com1 

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