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Cemetery Gates #12 – Sweet Madness (Short Film), The House That Vanished (1974) – Mutant Hunt (1987)


AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don’t have to! This week we are discussing two movies featuring an attempted burglary gone wrong and maniac human killing cyborgs!

Before we get to our main reviews we discuss a short called ‘Sweet Madness’ that involves a sinister plot by Harley Quinn that ends in a most deadly way!

Up first is the 1974 Joseph Larraz directed The House That Vanished! Listen in as they discuss a relationship between two lovers who are just trying to make a living! IMDB 

Next we follow that with Mutant Hunt! What is the consequences of a Mad Scientist turning human cyborgs into blood thirsty killing machines? You gotta listen in as we discuss it! IMDB

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