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Indie Horror ‘Lake Runs Red’ Official Trailer #2: Gwen

We already met Bruce, and now the folks at Lake Runs Red are introducing another member of the cast, Gwen. We all love Mom (unless there are issues that have to be solved with years of therapy and meds), and even through our love we still can have some conflict with the woman who literally brings us into the world. In Lake Runs Red, Gwen is no different. All she is trying to do is reconnect with the one who matters most, her daughter Melissa. As we all know in life, sometimes desperation to fix things can make it worse. Will Gwen be able to make things better, or will something go terribly wrong before it is all said and done?

Here is Lake Runs Red official trailer for Gwen

From the fine people at Lake Runs Red:


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© 2015 Red Ratio Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

In “Lake Runs Red,” GWEN is the cold, aloof, and dispassionate mother desperate to reconnect with her estranged daughter, Lauren. Throughout the events of the film, she quietly finds herself at odds with Melissa, the main protagonist.

Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, CJ DeVaan, Michael Hertenstein, Helene Donohue, Troy Antoine LaFaye

Trailer Edited by: Jeff Fuller
Music & Sound FX by: Michael J. Leslie
Creative Consultant: Jason Riesgraf


Music by Michael J. Leslie. Please visit to hear more of his amazing music.

Font credits: Eduardo Recife


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