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The Intestinal Fortitude invades #TIFF15 and here is our schedule! by Gregmo Roberts

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) released the screening schedule today and we were able to confirm our dates and tickets.  TIFF runs from September 10th through September 20th and showcases almost 400 movies from around the world.  

Intestinal Fortitude will be there hob-nobbing with the stars and catching as many films as our body in fabriced chairs can take.  We expect to add a film or two along the way, but our schedule begins here:

Saturday, September 12th we start with a screening of Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario starring Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.  Sicario follows a group of FBI agents waging an escalating war against drugs at the U.S./Mexico border.  Two hours later we catch Green Room and The Chickening, two horror films that are part of the Festival’s Midnight Madness series.  We don’t even have to change theatres and we welcome Colin Farrell and John C. Reilley to the stage to introduce the comedy/drama, The Lobster.  

Sunday, September 13th we start with the biopic The Program starring Ben Foster as disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.  

Monday, September 14th we get the lesbian tear jerker Freeheld with Ellen Page and Julianne Moore followed by High-Rise starring Tom Hiddleston and Elisabeth Moss.  

Tuesday, September 15th we start with the star studded film Spotlight which features Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Live Schreiber, Billy Crudup, Stanley Tucci and John Slattery.  We then run down Yonge Street to catch Black Mass starring Johnny Depp half an hour later and then the horror film The Devil’s Candy 45-minutes after Black Mass let’s out.  

Wednesday, September 16th we screen nothing.  Nada.  Time to take a shower and rest up heading into the second half of the week.

Thursday, September 17th starts with Ridley Scott’s The Martian starring Matt Damon followed by the horror film Baskin which looks to be a real trip.

Friday, September 18th we open the morning with a 9:15am screening of No Men Beyond This Point followed by the horror film Hardcore followed by the highly anticipated film The Witch by R. Eggers.  We finish off the busy day with The Girl in the Photographs which has a 9:15pm start time.  

Saturday, September 19th we start with The Man Who Knew Infinity with Jeremy Irons then Stonewall from Roland Emmerich and Beasts of No Nation taking us to the midnight hour.  

Sunday, September 20th ends our odyssey with just one screening – the horror/comedy The Final Girls which has a premise we will detail in a feature tomorrow!

So that makes 20 movies in a 7-day span with a few to add to keep us occupied between line-ups.  God help me.



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