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Countdown to #TIFF15 – Spotlight on “Hellions” by Gregmo Roberts

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is just days away from rolling out the red carpet on over 350 movies from around the world while welcoming a horde of over 200 celebrities to the city including Johnny Depp, Julianne Moore, Tom Hardy, Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne, Susan Sarandon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Idris Elba.  The 2015 edition looks to build upon 2014’s Fest which included 5,084 delegates, 287 speakers, 2,004 buyers which ate up 65 films that were showcased in the city.   

Over the next few days we will take time to spotlight some of the films on the Festival’s schedule further whetting the appetite for screenings big and small.  Intestinal Fortitude will be on hand for no less than 20 of the films featured so be sure to check back daily to see our reviews and thoughts on the Festival as it progresses.  

Today’s Spotlight: Hellions

Kingston, Ontario native Bruce McDonald has made forged quite an impressive resume of directorial efforts.  From Highway 61 through Hard Core Logo and Pontypool, the Canadian talent has continued to produce above average entertainment fare.

This year, Bruce McDonald gets to bring his new thriller Hellions to the Toronto International Film Festival to screen as part of the Vanguard Film Series which showcases the ‘Provocative, sexy and possibly dangerous’.

With Hellions, McDonald strips it back to the basics.  The film takes place on Halloween where teenaged Dora (Chloe Rose) has just learned she is pregnant.  Struggling with the monumental task of informing those she loves of the life brewing inside her, Dora stays home on Halloween as her brother and mother head out for some ole fashioned trick-r-treatin’.  But this most evil of nights, the most peculiar kids in costumes show up at her door and Dora soon comes to the realization that these creepy door knockers are after her unborn child.  

Steve Gravestock writes, “Working from Pascal Trottier’s genre-savvy script, McDonald derives some powerfully eerie menace from the demonic kids pursuing his heroine.  They look like the Children of the Damned kitted out in the potato-sack/rush-bucket costume couture of such down-home horror villains as Leatherface.  Even more impressive are the extraordinarily stylized visuals as Dora flees through a surreal, ever-changing landscape, which invest this already creepy movie with a wild, psychedelic kick.”

Hellions stars Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, Rossif Sutherland, Rachel Wilson, Peter DaCunha and Luke Bilyk.

Hellions gets its Canadian Premiere on September 17th at the Elgin Winter Garden Theatre and repeats again on September 18th at the Scotiabank 4.



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