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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show Episode #82 – Will Work For, yeah right…

We are back again this week with another crazy episode to fill your earholes!

Androidvirus plays a clip of an encounter with a crazy person we had in front of Spirit Halloween store which goes into the discussion of the fake homeless that he has been seeing as of late, and the frustration it is causing.

We also talk about how Sean showed AndroidVirus a fan edit of the Star Wars prequels that was WAY better than all 3. A shortened down version of all 3 that takes away most of the crap and leaves and enjoyable movie. This also sends AndroidVirus on a discussion of how lazy and awful George Lucas really was.

The Phantom Edit

Awful ROTJ Blu Ray Change

ANOTHER just found change to ROTJ in case you needed more bad!

Back from the break and we talk with Flesheater about a Star Trek thing he saw, as well as memories of 9/11. We then get a call from the one and only Gregmo Roberts! He’s on to talk about his adventures at the Toronto International Film Festival and what it’s like to see 5 movies in one day at multiple theatres.

We talk about awful 9/11 tributes made in the music world

Metal 9/11 tribute

Last but not least we discuss the failure or seemed failure of the end of the US with Jade Helm. We get a call from an insane person saying that it is more propaganda to make us sheep!

Failed Jade Helm Takeover
More on Jade Helm

You have to hear it all its so jam packed this week

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 82

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