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Sci-Fi Thriller “Uncanny” to be released on VOD and Digital Video on Nov. 3rd!

UNCANNY_DVD_HICCritically acclaimed Director Matthew Leutwyler’s science fiction thriller Uncanny will be having it’s release on Digital Video and Video On Demand (VOD) November 3rd. As supporters of original artist productions, The Intestinal Fortitude is happy to be supporters of the film!

With all the discomfort that life can bring, imagine having to deal with that as well as being the first “perfect” Artificial Intelligence in the world. Imagine being the creator of said A.I. and beginning a relationship with a reporter who your creation is starting to have feelings for? “Uncanny” tackles these situations in a world getting closer to where the line of actual and artificial lines are starting to blur.

Based off the screenplay by Shahin Chandrasoma, Uncanny stars Mark Webber (Green Room), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood), and David Clayton Rogers (Cougar Town).


For more updates follow us here, or check out Uncanny on the following areas:

On Twitter @UncannyMovie
On Facebook Uncanny Movie

Check out the trailer for Uncanny on YouTube

From RLJ Entertainment


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