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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show Episode 83 Preview!


Tune in at 8PM EST this Friday 9/25 as we return celebrate the “Filthy Fifteen” and the post PMRC world we live in since those changes 30 years ago!

We are also doing a brand new reboot of The Godfather! Blasphemy you say? Probably, but you gotta face facts, our version as bad as it might be, won’t nearly as be as bad as the one that Hollywood will probably do.

Plus jealous boyfriends get revenge in the worst way possible and other disturbing news of the week all wrapped up into our brand of humor and entertainment!

All this and your phone calls!

That’s LIVE this Friday night 9/25 at 8PM EST!

Call us up (619)924-0762

tweet us @AVandSeanShow

or follow us on Facebook!

Check out the Mothership site where you can listen to this show as well as others on the Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network!


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