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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #83 – The Godfather Remake and PMRC Memories

We are back this week with another fun filled show that most of the whole family can love.

We first talk about our October shows, big guests lined up for the month as we dedicate it to all things paranormal and the unexplained. October is a not to be missed month for the show!

We have Mojoe on the line and we discuss a remake of The Godfather that is set in Mexico and eventually degenerates into some horrendous movie magic!

Back from the break and we talk about the 30th anniversary of the PMRC and the good and bad of adding the “Parental Advisory” stickers to albums. We discuss Dee Snyder’s testimony, and the “Filthy Fifteen” list.

We are also talking about a crazy Illuminati card game from 1994 that has been strangely predicting the future.

Also stories of jealous boyfriends taking anger to the worst place possible

And people tampering with corpses!

All this and the discussion of AndroidVision coming soon to the Intestinal Fortitude!

Listen to the show here: Episode 83

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