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Headphones Review: JVC Gumy HA-FR55-B

Now, I have listened to dozens of headphones over the years, ranging as cheap as these ($12) to $350 Klipsch x10’s and everywhere in between. I originally bought these headphones because I needed a comfortable pair with a mic so I could make calls and listen to podcasts. In this regard, they work flawlessly.

Comfort and fit (5/5): I have a problem in which one ear canal is larger than the other. This makes finding a pair of in ears that actually fit difficult. These are the best headphones I have ever worn as far as fit and comfort. Not only don’t I have to constantly keep adjusting them, but they’re also light as a feather. You can wear them all day and not even notice that they’re in your ears.

Functionality (3.5/5): Everything works perfectly as far as the pause / play button and mic. My voice comes in clear on the other end. I would’ve preferred volume control as well, but that’s not a deal breaker for the price.

Sound (3/5): This is the most surprising part of these headphones. I originally just got these to listen to spoken word, and you would be surprised at how many headphones sound like crap even in that area. The voice comes in clear, nothing sounds harsh, which is a common problem I find in lower quality headphones. As far as music; for this review I tested a few reference songs I always go to when when testing headphones. Music sounds pretty good on these. Comparatively, the Apple EarPods sound worse, especially in the bass area. The bass on these headphones is noticeable, but not muddy or overbearing, like the EarPods. Another problem with cheap headphones is they tend to sound tinny. Not the case with these. You’re not going to get the kind of clarity, separation, fullness, tight bass, and soundstage of a more expensive headphone, but these impressed, nonetheless.

Durability (?): This remains to be seen as I have only had these a few months. But even if they last a year, they would be worth it, and you wouldn’t break the bank to replace them. Most of the headphones I’ve had last 1 – 2 years, and they were much more expensive than these.

Overall (5/5): Overall, I give these my highest recommendation. I’m a strong believer that you need to spend at least $80 to get a good sounding headphone. But I would be remissed to recommend anything but this headphone under that price. These are extremely comfortable and sound very good for the price. These can be found at your local Wal-Mart for $12


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