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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #85 – White Witch Alexandra Lyons!

We are back this week to continue our annual October Horror-Fest!

On the show this week we discuss upcoming things to The Intestinal Fortitude, including Movie Nights in AndroidVision. AndroidVirus also talks about his spotify channel which is non stop Halloween music all month long!

We get into talking about some very odd stories and human conditions, first up is Spontaneous Human Combustion

We also discuss the creepy black eye children, is it real or not?

As well as disturbing Archaeological finds that are absolutely real

Back from the break and we are joined with our very special guest Alexandra Lyons! She is a White Witch and practitioner of Chaos Magic. She is also a psychic and tonight we talk about how she got into all this as well as do some readings for callers and AndroidVirus himself!

To find out more about Alexandra Lyons, or to get a reading check out the following

On Facebook

White Witch Woman on Facebook

We go into some overtime again this week, but its fast and fun!

Listen to the show here: Episode 85

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