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Indie Horror ‘Lake Runs Red’ Official Trailer #3: Lauren

We’ve met Bruce, we’ve met Gwen, and now just in time for Halloween, the fine folks at Lake Runs Red have arrived with their latest trailer to give us some insight on the characters for their blood drenched manifesto! Meet Lauren, your typical College senior with a party girl past. Having to deal with the struggles of graduating, the ups and downs of her parents….oh yeah and life or death with a crazed killer! Wouldn’t that drive you to drink?

Will she survive? Will she be able to get her work done for finals? What about that all weekend mixer planned? Can’t do that while tied up in a basement begging for life! We will see what happens to Lauren when Lake Runs Red gets it’s full released in 2016, but for now check out the trailer to whet your appetites!

From the fine folks at Lake Runs Red:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN ­ October 22nd, 2015 ­ The producers of “Lake Runs Red,” an independently produced home­ invasion horror feature, are proud to announce the upcoming release of their 3rd official character trailer on Tuesday October 27th, 2015, via

This 3rd official trailer focuses on “Lauren,” a 22 ­year old college senior with a questionable party girl past and an unusual relationship with her parents. The “Lauren” character is expertly played by up­ and­ coming film actress and professional makeup artist, Kaci Wegleitner.

“Lake Runs Red” is employing a unique trailer strategy for their marketing campaign. Instead of releasing a standard two minute trailer, the film is instead releasing five character trailers, each focusing on one of the main characters from the film. This is the 3rd official trailer in a series of five, the remaining two will be released over the balance of 2015.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Kaci is going to become a huge movie star. Our fans are going to be very impressed with Kaci’s skill and intensity in playing this challenging role. You’re going to fall in love with her character and become wrapped up in her remarkable performance,” said director and co­ writer Jason Riesgraf.

He continued,  “We’re so lucky to have Kaci playing the “Lauren” character. She’s the MVP of the film.”

Added Stephanie Riesgraf, producer of “Lake Runs Red”, “Kaci Wegleitner has quickly become an Internet sensation throughout the initial press we’ve done so far. Not only is she an intriguing and talented professional, but you’ll quickly see that she has the potential to become a sure ­fire Hollywood scream queen. You’re going to want to see this film because of her tremendous presence.”

“Lake Runs Red” previously released their first trailer “Bruce” on July 14th, 2015 and their 2nd trailer “Gwen” on August 11th, 2015, to incredible fanfare. For more information please visit and connect with us on Twitter @LakeRunsRed.

“Lake Runs Red” is scheduled for a 2016 limited release.


About Lake Runs Red

Red Ratio Entertainment, LLC presents “Lake Runs Red,” an independent film produced exclusively in Minnesota.

“Lake Runs Red” triumphantly presents a new brand of home­ invasion horror entertainment, uniquely blending disparate elements of contemporary crime noir, classic thriller, slasher film, and extreme splatter horror.

Directed by Jason Riesgraf, written by J. Dan Moores & Jason Riesgraf, and produced by Jason Riesgraf, Jeff Fuller, J. Dan Moores, and Stephanie Riesgraf. “Lake Runs Red” stars Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, Helene Donohue, Michael Hertenstein, and C.J. DeVaan.

Film Synopsis:

Two college girlfriends go to their parent’s secluded northern Minnesota lake cabin to prepare for final exams. An uninvited visitor stops by. He isn’t there to study.


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