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WASTELANDS (SNEAK PEEK) Music Review by Vincent Daemon



WASTELANDS are: Alex Nunez – Guitars / Lead Vocals Ale Campos – Bass / Vocals Eric Hernandez – Drums


AndroidVirus had indirectly warned me something was coming. *(I can usually tell when I’m about to be sent something worthy of review.) He’d been talking-up  another band he’s discovered from Miami, Florida, called WASTELANDS. What makes this pertinent is that this is another band tied into the interesting “scene” *(how I so loathe that fukking word) that seems to be creeping out of the everglade swamp-muck like pheromone-frothing and blues-blooded reptilian beasts of sonic manipulation – – – they are intertwined in that same “scene” with the bands KILLMAMA and MILK SPOT, yet aside from the mad-blues riffing,  bears no similarity in sound to either of the aforementioned, who bear no similarities to each other from the start – – – a beautiful thing. Well, aside from sluicing out of the bowels of Southern Florida like viscera from a roadkill-possum & that blues-blood equation *(also good things – – – perhaps not necessarily the possum).


WASTELANDS (SNEAK PEEK) Label: Self-released Released: August 8, 2015

WASTELANDS’ (SNEAK PEEK) is an ep *(of sorts – – – more like a promo, really, I guess) of three songs from their upcoming full length vinyl soon to be released. They have one previous release, a self-titled ep from November 2014, that I’ve not yet heard.

The opening track, “Refuse To Bleed,” explodes from the speakers with a classic PHILTHY PHIL-era *(RIP, PHILTHY PHIL “THE ANIMAL” TAYLOR – – – You will be missed) MOTORHEAD styled double bass, steam-engine thunder, which proceeds to catch fire and burn down the rails at full speed until it’s fiery conclusion of speedy Stoner-Doom/metalpunk fury. This was not what I had expected.

Next up is the epic Stoner thunder of “Nocturnals,” a song that reminded me of a cross between CATHEDRAL and ST. VITUS, in it’s slithering approach to the more apocalyptic sounding Stoner-Doom aspect. The vocals on this particular track are amazing, as they searingly cut into the universe like a rhaspy-rattlesnake telling you that you are going to die, while staring you straight in the eye.

WL4The closer of this look into their upcoming album is called “Strange City.” After a bluesy-bleak intro it kicks into high gear as an all out classic Metalpunk attack, classic riffs blistering by faster than you’re reading this, a strong element of classic SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, C.O.C., and other Crossover-era influences assaulting you relentlessly, like the blistering hate of an automatic weapon in full-on massacre mode, only to finally burn itself out with a subtle psychedelic shift, that eventually builds to an outer-earth elemental mountain range Monolith, exploding and finally ending in the gargantuan fallout of total and annihilative devastation left in its wake – – – and none but Doom for those who’ve survived. It’s quite interesting, overall, as WASTELANDS seem to even have a *(perhaps unintended) progressive slant to these three songs. It works, and is something definitely worth checking out; though I’ve referenced some classic bands and older sounds, make no mistake, WASTELANDS takes these influences and has very finely crafted them into a sound that is their own. WASTELANDS (SNEAK PEEK) takes no prisoners as they use these three songs to do exactly what a good promo should do: entice the listener into seriously wanting to hear what is yet to come. Personally, I’d like to hear a little more. And all of this from a power trio wall of sound consisting of two males and one female – – – making the thunder even more spectacular.

WL6Recommended for anyone into the harsher, heavier, grittier, and more psychedelic aspects of the evermore expanding and progressing modern Stone-Doom resurgence, as well as the blistering Crossover Metalpunk of yore. Intertwined like snakes on a stick and updated with both great, on-point musicianship and modern production techniques, this sampler is definitely worth the coupla bux *(you cheap assed motherfukkers), give (SNEAK PEEK) from WASTELANDS a sneak peek – – – and help improve the growth and distribution of fine acts such as these.

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