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Minnesota Indie Horror “Lake Runs Red” Releases 4th Character trailer “Melissa” today!

Some of the greatest movies of all time have had amazing stories of the underdog facing a challenge and overcoming odds to prevail, and become someone completely different by the end of the movie. Our Friends at Lake Runs Red have one too, as this time they are releasing their latest trailer for “Melissa”.

Melissa, played by first feature film actress Lauren Morris, is a shy, quiet, and studious twenty-one year old college student. She has to find a way to become stronger though moments of intense crisis. Will Melissa join the ranks of Luke Skywalker, Rocky, Laurie Strode, or Sarah Connor, or will she she become another victim? Find out when Lake Runs Red gets officially released! Until then, enjoy this small teaser trailer to whet you appetites!

From the fine folks at Lake Runs Red:

­ The producers of “Lake Runs Red,” an independently produced home­invasion horror feature, are proud to announce the upcoming release of their 4th official character trailer on Tuesday December 8th, 2015, via their official YouTube channel, 

This 4th official trailer focuses on “Melissa,” a twenty ­one year old studious college student who begins the film as a shy, quiet, and timid girl­ next ­door but gradually discovers her inner strength through moments of intense crisis as the consequences of long hidden secrets are revealed. The “Melissa” character is played by Lauren Morris, an experienced theater actress, starring in her first feature film.

“Lake Runs Red” is employing a unique trailer strategy for their marketing campaign. The film is releasing five “character” trailers, each focusing on one of the main characters from the film. This is the 4th character trailer in an initial series of five.

“The Melissa character is a key ingredient to the complex story we’re telling. As the main character, she has a formidable and profound arc. She’s the linchpin holding the events of the film together,” said director and co­writer Jason Riesgraf. He continued, “Lauren Morris, the actress who plays Melissa, turned in a remarkable performance. This was her first feature film, but you wouldn’t know it, because she was a pro, through and through.”

Added Stephanie Riesgraf, producer of “Lake Runs Red”, “Lauren Morris’ passionate performance pulls you in and takes you on an emotionally exhausting journey filled with fear, trepidation, sorrow, and panic. The performance community is definitely going to take notice of her.”

“Lake Runs Red” previously released their first trailer “Bruce” on July 14th, their 2nd trailer “Gwen” on August 11th, and their 3rd trailer “Lauren” on October 27th, to incredible fanfare.

In case you haven’t seen the other trailers here they are for your enjoyment as well!




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About Lake Runs Red:

Red Ratio Entertainment, LLC presents “Lake Runs Red,” an independent film produced exclusively in Minnesota. “Lake Runs Red” triumphantly presents a new brand of home ­invasion horror entertainment, uniquely blending disparate elements of contemporary crime noir, classic thriller, slasher film, and extreme splatter horror. “Lake Runs Red” is scheduled for a 2016 limited release.

Directed by Jason Riesgraf, written by J. Dan Moores & Jason Riesgraf, and produced by Jason Riesgraf, Jeff Fuller, J. Dan Moores, and Stephanie Riesgraf. “Lake Runs Red” stars Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, Helene Donohue, Michael Hertenstein, and C.J. DeVaan.

Film Synopsis:

Two college girlfriends go to their parent’s secluded northern Minnesota lake cabin to prepare for final exams. An uninvited visitor stops by. He isn’t there to study.


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