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“Red Raccoon” Film Review by Xander Kane

15stillsRed Raccoon hails from the great state of Colorado where the weed is legal and the women are beautiful. This is clearly evident in this particular film. Chad and Max Smith directed this experience and made something incredibly strange but artistic in the weirdest way possible. It has never been easier to make movies and tons of independent films get released every year. Trudging through the good and the bad becomes very tiresome. One of the best things to come across in this journey is something a little different than every other independent film. These films are the most fun to watch and to talk about with friends. Red Raccoon is a movie that requires a proper state of mind to truly enjoy. This may be tough to review but let’s see if I can get the point across.

The story has a loose narrative and plays out a bit like an infomercial. The Red Raccoon is a resort where all your sexual fantasies can come true. They have rooms set up for anything that you could possibly imagine. We have weird sex infused cosplay stuff to some torture porn scenarios. As far as a lead in the movie goes we kind of have one. There is a woman in red who describes each particular room to you as the vignettes play out. This lends the film to be more like an anthology film than anything else. Some of the same people pop up in multiple scenes playing different characters but no true lead character other than the woman in red. I don’t really think this hurts the film though because it’s not trying to tell a specific story. There is plenty of sex and gore throughout the film so if that’s what you want they got it. Many scenes feel like a drug induced sexual escapade that would have came from the mind of Frank Zappa while tripping on acid at ComicCon. There are some many little things in the movie to talk about but it’s impossible to hit them all in a reasonably short review. There is a sprinkling of humor mixed about in the film from time to time. This helps get you out of a weird headspace that you get into while watching Red Raccoon.

8stillsIf I had to describe this movie to someone I would say it’s like a Dustin Mills film (Invalid, Her Name was Torment) made a baby with a Fred Vogel film (August Underground, Sella Turcica). This is great company to be with since these two are highly respected in the independent film circles. Chad and Max Smith directed this experience and made something incredibly strange but artistic in the weirdest way possible. It also has moments where you think you are watching a throwback to some of the psychosexual films of the 70’s.

Clearly the film is not for everyone but it offers something very different than the average independent horror flick. If you’re in to watching films from the fringe of underground filmmaking you should check this out. Some films are simply experiences. They are created to trigger feelings that you may not have throughout your daily life. This creates a very organic experience during the viewing of this film. I believe this is exactly what Red Raccoon is and why it was made.  

Check out the trailer for Red Raccoon



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