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Minnesota Indie Horror “Lake Runs Red” Releases 5th and Final Character Trailer “Paul” Today!

It’s tough being a father at times. Trying to stay strong as the unofficial head of the household because everyone turns to you. Watching your daughter grow up and dealing with her not being that baby girl you remember anymore. The people at Lake Runs Red finally are dealing with the daddy issues as they are releasing the 5th and final character trailer for “Paul”.

Paul played by Michael Hertenstein is the most secretive character that is in the film. A crazy close relationship with daughter Lauren, an infatuation with Lauren’s best friend Melissa. Not to mention an unhealthy marriage with Gwen. Paul wants a fresh start. Will that fresh start end with a knife to the chest or the sweet freedom he truly craves?

Watch the trailer here

More from the people at Lake Runs Red

The producers of “Lake Runs Red,” an independently produced home ­invasion horror feature, are proud to announce the upcoming release of their 5th and final character trailer on Tuesday December 29th, 2015, via their official YouTube channel,

This final character trailer, focuses on “Paul” the most mysterious and secretive character in the film. Paul has an uncomfortably close relationship with his daughter Lauren and an unconventional infatuation with her best friend Melissa (Lauren Morris). After years of an unhealthy marriage to his cold, unwelcoming wife Gwen, he yearns for a fresh start, away from the lonely seclusion of northern Minnesota. Paul is expertly played by Michael Hertenstein, a veteran theater and film actor, who most recently performed in a high profile production of “To Kill A Mockingbird” at the world famous GUTHRIE THEATRE in downtown Minneapolis, this past autumn.

“Lake Runs Red” employed a unique trailer strategy for their marketing campaign. The film released five “character” trailers, each focusing on one of the main characters from the film. This is the 5th and final character trailer in an initial series of five.

“The production team has been anxiously awaiting this final character trailer. It subtly and quietly adds a layer of doubt and suspicion to the narrative. It’s a game changer and a perfect way to end this series of vignettes. We’ve said all along that there was more to the story than meets the eye. Watch this one very carefully. I think you’ll be intrigued by what you see,” said Stephanie Riesgraf, producer of “Lake Runs Red.”

Added Jason Riesgraf, director and co­writer of “Lake Runs Red,” “Michael Hertenstein was a tremendous inspiration to all of us during this production. Michael’s dream was always to be a working actor. Right now, he’s pursuing his dream without hesitation. He’s found wonderful success so far, and we’re so thankful that he donated his considerable performance talents to “Lake Runs Red.”

“Lake Runs Red” previously released their first trailer “Bruce” on July 14th, their 2nd trailer “Gwen” on August 11th, their 3rd trailer “Lauren” on October 27th, and their 4th trailer “Melissa” on December 8th, to incredible fanfare.





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About Lake Runs Red:

Red Ratio Entertainment, LLC presents “Lake Runs Red,” an independent film produced exclusively in Minnesota. “Lake Runs Red” triumphantly presents a new brand of home ­invasion horror entertainment, uniquely blending disparate elements of contemporary crime noir, classic thriller, slasher film, and extreme splatter horror. “Lake Runs Red” is scheduled for a 2016 limited release.

Directed by Jason Riesgraf, written by J. Dan Moores & Jason Riesgraf, and produced by Jason Riesgraf, Jeff Fuller, J. Dan Moores, and Stephanie Riesgraf. “Lake Runs Red” stars Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, Helene Donohue, Michael Hertenstein, and C.J. DeVaan.

Film Synopsis:

Two college girlfriends go to their parent’s secluded northern Minnesota lake cabin to prepare for final exams. An uninvited visitor stops by. He isn’t there to study.


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