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Amber “The Bully” Brown defeats Shino Vanhoose in dominant win!

(Editors Note: We here at the Intestinal Fortitude are definitely fans of Amber “The Bully” Brown. We support her in her journey to become the next Atomweight Champion at Invicta FC, and everything on the way. Way to go tonight Amber! )

Tale of the tape before the results:

Amber “The Bully” Brown    vs    Shino VanHoose

Record: 6 wins 1 loss                4 Wins 4 Losses

Age:27                                          20

Height: 5’4″                                 5’3″

Weight: 105 lbs                           105

From: Albuquerque, NM          Tokyo, Japan

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

Brown closes the distance and clinches VanHoose against the fence, getting double underhooks after VanHoose attempts to jump guard. VanHoose lands a few knees to the body before she’s thrown to her knees. She tries to scramble up and push Brown against the fence, but Brown loops her right arm around VanHoose’s neck for a guillotine attempt. VanHoose seems to be slipping free as she puts Brown on the floor with a takedown, but once they hit the canvas, Brown adjusts the choke. VanHoose is trapped, trying to pull back and create some breathing room, but Brown has the choke deep and VanHoose is forced to tap out.

The Official Result

Amber Brown def. Shino VanHoose via Submission (Guillotine Choke) R1 2:36

Afterwards, Amber Brown called out the reigning Atomweight Champion for a title shot!

t with ease.




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