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Ronda Rousey: My Fight/Your Fight Book Review – Burnt Butter Ramblings

ronda-rousey-my-fight-your-fight-book-1Ronda Rousey
My Fight/Your Fight
By: Ronda Rousey, Maria Burns Ortiz

Released:May 12, 2015
Publisher: Regan Arts. 65 Bleecker st. New York, NY 10012
ISBN: 978-1941393260
Price: $27.95 US
​( You can get it much cheaper now but this was the original price)

Read as part of the 2016 Reading Challenge
>an autobiography

Technically I read half of this book in 2015 (prior to the Holly Holm fight) but I finished it in 2016 so it counts.

Also Note:
 If I refer to Ronda Rousey’s badassery in past tense it is not because I believe she is no longer a bad ass (I don’t), It is because I am referring to the time before I read the book, i.e. the past.

Note About the Author: 
I am an MMA fan, in fact I have been training in martial arts for the last 3 years or so, and have participated in 4 boxing matches. I am not an expert in this regard by any means but I do have working knowledge and an honest appreciation of MMA, what it takes to be a fighter, and how quickly things can change. 
I am also a huge fan of Psychology ( I have a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Communications). The creation, destruction, and recreation process is fascinating to me. How people talk themselves up, justify seemingly crazy things etc. Its all amazing in my book.

I bought this book because I was really excited to learn more about the enigma that was Ronda Rousey. She was an undefeated bad ass in a predominantly male sport, that she somehow managed to infiltrate, and seemingly rule. She was Confident, even Cocky, and refused to be curtailed in that regard by anyone, and I wanted to know how she got that way. What event’s in her life made her so self assured, what people pushed her to be who she is, what obstacles had she had to over come. These are exactly the subjects that this book addresses. From birth to after the fight with Cat Zingano, we get to see the evolution of a champion through the champions own perception.

      Unlike Many Autobiography’s Ronda Rousey’s, “My Fight/Your Fight”, is Interesting and Fast paced, much like her Fighting career. The writing style has a smooth flow from one event to the next, and is overflowing with Meme worthy quotes. It is very easy to read and understand, even in regards to technical jargon, which she adequately explains throughout the text . There is no time wasted on over embellishment, every event is described enough to provide adequate understanding, all necessary details are included, but for the most part extras are left out. Some people may consider this a drawback, as many of us revel in the extra details, but I feel that in this instance it lends itself to the style and pace of the book as a whole.

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