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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #95 – Special Guests The Native American Paranormal Project!

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 95

AndroidVirus and Sean are back this week to welcome back to the show for the third time members of the Native American Paranormal Project (NAPP), Mark Williams, Happy Frejo, D.D. and Steve Jacob! They discuss with us thier brand new documentary “Our Church” which involves the investigation of paranormal activity at Rock Springs Indian Baptist Church in Seminole County, OK.

We talk with them about the history, and personal experiences they had there, along with what is up next for them in the coming months. It is an awesome discussion, you can’t miss out on it!

Learn more about the Native American Paranormal Project at the following

The Native American Paranormal Project

Back from the break and we talk with Flesheater about the OJ Simpson miniseries. We discuss our remembering that time what was going through our minds. Flesheater also discusses his idea for a new line of OJ Simpson Trial action figures that could be picked up by Mattel!

To end the show we ask Flesheater if he has ever heard of an orginization called Sea Org. You won’t believe where this leads to, so tune in as AndroidVirus makes some cringeworthy radio!

Listen to the show here: EPISODE 95

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