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For those of you who don’t know, I am a single parent. My child is about five and a half and we have been going through quite a few adjustments in life lately, mainly because I just started a new job!!!!! The Job part is awesome but for the duration of the time I was unemployed my heathen child (all endearments intended) became very accustomed to lots and lots of mommy time as he did not have daycare.
I would like to pause here for a moment to tell you all how extremely expensive day care is! I knew this before but it really sunk in how ridiculously priced it is now that I  have to start paying for it all myself as I no longer qualify for assistance. To put this in perspective, monthly daycare fees will end up costing me more than my rent!!!!!
Back to the story. Since I started working full time my son has been spending lots of time with my parents! What this amounts to is that he lives with them during the week and I end up staying with them over the weekend until Sunday at which point I go home and get ready for work on Monday, and so on and so forth, Until I can get him back in Daycare.
Needless to say his little brain has been a tad mixed up (rightfully so) and it manifests in the most delightful ways ( sarcasm)! The perfect example of this  occurred Friday evening when we were going to sleep. My child is a bit of a mama’s boy and he likes being cuddled at bed time, So I was being a good mama and giving him snuggles when he decided that he doesn’t want to snuggle me. “No mom, I want to leave you alone and go snuggle grandma!” My Mother I’m sure would have let him but I knew that she had to be up ridiculously early in the morning and my child kicks.                 Naturally this digressed into a yelling crying screaming fit complete with hurling pillows, flailing limbs and mantras of “I don’t want you I want grandma”, “I want to leave you alone and snuggle grandma”, “I’m scared of the dark”,”I want the lights on”, “I don’t want to go to bed”,”I’m scared of monsters”!

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