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“The Hoarder” Review by Xander Kane

Even as an adult I find something very eerie about a storage facility. It’s not just the fact that it usually is a large metal building with concrete floors and filled with silence. All the doors to each individual unit are locked and filled with unknown items and a strange scent. The Hoarder is set in a storage facility and it reminds us that these rooms are also filled with secrets. Ella (Mischa Barton) is concerned her fiancé may be cheating on her. Since he has a storage unit and she is unsure what exactly is in there she becomes curious about its contents. In Ella’s mind the proof of her potentially cheating fiancé lies within this storage unit. She drags her friend Molly along to help her snoop around and soon enough they find more than they bargained for.

Ella’s character does not come off as some needy fiancé but just a really concerned one. She doesn’t want to throw her life away by marrying a cheating mistrustful person. This is very important because it gives us the opportunity to sympathize with her instead of loathe her. It seems more often than not that films would make it seem that the girl is just paranoid and insecure. I do not feel that this is Ella at all. Barton does a wonderful job playing the lead and it’s always good to see her on screen. After all she was one of my childhood crushes. Never mind that lets get back to the movie.  The rest of the characters in the film pretty much just serve as a means to death which is just fine. There not trying to wow you with some sort of over thought story and character development. This is not to say the writing is bad. I actually think it’s handled nicely and it would seem the writers were all on the same page on the direction of the film.

As the body’s start disappearing there are some questions that the viewer begins to have about the killer. This starts to peak your interest on what actually is happening. They don’t really rely on much gore but there are some definite good moments. What The Hoarder actually does to his victims is pretty damn cool and gives you an image that is very memorable. It’s just creepy enough to give you the heebie jeebies but grotesque enough to leave you empathetic with the victim. They always say the 3rd act is the hardest to write but with the exception of one tiny moment at the end I really liked the finale of the film.  The Hoarder is a pretty good atmospheric horror flick that’s only real down side is that it’s not giving us a ton of stuff we haven’t seen before but it does offer some. It’s a fun ride with some creepy moments that I think is totally worth the time to sit down and have a viewing of it.

Check out The Hoarder here


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