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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #102 – Special Guest MMA Fighter Steve Hanna!

AndroidVirus and Sean return this week with more news of celebs gone too soon, pop culture, and MMA Fighters!

We talk about the death of Prince, and the idiot conspiracy talk about an Illuminati plot. We then go into some more crazy 80’s WTF videos, and they are just as crazy as last time!

On this show we also talk a little bit of the Game of Thrones premiere, and Daredevil on Netflix with Flesheater!

To round out the evening we have special guest MMA Fighter Steve Hanna on to discuss his upcoming fight at King of the Cage on May 14th! If you want to find out more info on Steve, check out the following

Steve Hanna on Twitter
Steve Hanna on Facebook

It was another awesome show so check it out now!

Listen to our show here: EPISODE 102

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