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CANCERSLUG “SASSY FOR SATAN” Album Review by Vincent Daemon


CANCERSLUG is: ALEX STORY — Vocals CASSIE BAHER — Bass, B. Vocals JOCEYLIN GONZALES — Guitar, B. Vocals MIKE HORGAN — Drums, B. Vocals


ALEX STORY *(aka: “DICK SOLID, baby!”) and his gruesomely gorgeous ghouls *(aka: “THE RACHETTES, with DICK FONTAINE on drums!”) have returned with one of the most potent albums in CANCERSLUG’S seventeen year history, SASSY FOR SATAN. As with all CANCERSLUG releases, this one comes at *(and on)  Rock-n-Roll with 18 songs, four vicious sets of multi-toothed jaws, and all systems on analogue, adding yet another layer to their evermore experimental sonic slaughter, with all the infernal-eternal raw and rapacious occultic energy of an unnameable chimeric spree killer.


CANCERSLUG SASSY FOR SATAN Label: SlugCult Records Release: May 31, 2016

SASSY FOR SATAN has its own truly unique sound *(a rarity in most any current form of music), a songwriting brilliance-collision of “Universal Truths” and hate-haunted thoughts of love and aloneness, presented here in a crisp, loud, colorful package, spewing from within a pitch-blackness of hate, humor, and heart – – – from the bloodstained chasms of your speakers and right into your soul. The analogue production gives the sound a certain realness, clarity and snap to the music that some previous releases, though still outstanding, had yet to seem to properly catch. SASSY FOR SATAN is almost the polar opposite in vibe to the bleak and sluicing murky sounds of 2015’s excellent ROOTWORK. The Root has definitely been harnessed, the beasts of the black furthering their ritualistic workings this time by coming at you in broad daylight – – – still completely unexpected. As fierce as it is, there’s almost an inconspicuous, subtle approach to the full darkness that lay hidden within the multi-entendre lyrics and kinetic-frenetic hook-laden din. However, this is CANCERSLUG, and at the end of the day they’re really all just love songs, right?

CSreviewPicThe album explodes with its opening track “Friends,” a lil ditty about some of those “Universal Truths” I mentioned above up there. *(TRUTH: No one will screw your life quicker – – – and with greater aplomb or denser ignorance at that – – – than friends and family). This one-minute masterpiece ends with perhaps the most throat-rippingly honest “FUUUKK YOOOUUUU” ever put to tape, an amped-up addition to the rage and rapture of ALEX STORY’S already immense vocal range. You just don’t hear this, you feel it. It’s followed by the reincarnation of a classic, “Enemies” *(originally performed as “The Enemy” on  CANCERSLUG’S 2004 album BOOK OF RATS). Many of the songs on SASSY FOR SATAN are virtually fully rearranged pieces from ALEX STORY’S 2015 acoustic album THE JUNKIE CHRONICLES, including the Johnny Cash-styled boxcar burner “Alone”; “Just A Hooker Away” *(which has been rearranged into its own new song entirely); “Ain’t Worth My Blood” *(altogether one of my favorites on the album); “Bless My Soul” *(another introduction to new aspects of ALEX’S ever-growing vocal stylings); “Rape Baby” *(in which we are treated to the word “rape” some 50+ times, in a quite catchy chant – – – hey, either you get it or you don’t, “I ain’t sayin’ it’s wrong or right”), and a couple of others, all perfected for this album. “Disappointment,” another favorite *(and a previously  recorded piece from ALEX’S one-man project BORN IN ANGEL BLOOD), and something surely not to be found here. “Wicked Heart” is a lyrically lovely, musically electrostatic modern classic of Rock-n-Roll, and one of the best songs in the entirety of the CANCERSLUG legacy *(I feel the same about “Friends,” as well). The title track, “Sassy For Satan,” is a stunningly beautiful love song for the ages. “Do It,” from 2012’s PUSSYTALK, gets a fist-down-your-throat refurbishment, as does “Lord Of Death,” the album’s darkly potent, deathpunk/goth tinged perfect closer *(it originally appeared on 2003’s CURSE ARCANUM).

CSreviewPic4On the topic of genre filings, SASSY FOR SATAN is almost impossible to strictly pin down *(thank fukk) in one particular place – – – it’s Rock-n-Roll done right – – – it’s CANCERSLUG. For 17 fukking years now, the music of ALEX STORY has been unclassifiable, a virtual genre unto itself. FREEZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION editor *(also, soul Brother and fellow CANCERSLUG fan) SHAUN LAWTON and I had a discussion on the sounds of the ‘SLUG once, and he came up with “Swamp Acid” as a feasible genre filing. Truth is there are elements of everything here, from punk to blues to doom to hard rock to Alabama-twang to goth and beyond. But(t) fukk all that – – – THIS is Rock-n-Roll, pure and simple. Again, as said above, either you get it or you don’t – – – there is no middle ground – – – CANCERSLUG play for keeps, emotion as honest as IGGY POP’S first drop of blood to hit an unsuspecting stage floor, that floor henceforth forever transmogrified into – – – you. And regardless of whether you get it or not, it WILL get you.

Love, hate, horror, humor, rage, and those sometimes all-too tangible shadows that always linger within the strange angles are all here, all one, unified into the primal sounds of the slowly ripping seams of your perceptions and perhaps the fabric of reality itself. Which is precisely why you should buy CANCERSLUG’S SASSY FOR SATAN – – – NOW, if you’ve not done so already. It’s intense for the Initiate and the Adept, both. *(Also, it’s great to fukk to.)


For all CANCERSLUG info and merch, tour dates, etc., check out their page at

As an added bonus for your pleasure, I’ve included two official videos from SASSY FOR SATAN – – – so shake your sassy lil ass and enjoy.




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2 Comments on CANCERSLUG “SASSY FOR SATAN” Album Review by Vincent Daemon

  1. Thanks for the shout out, brother in arms. Great review man – – I’ve been listening to the individual songs off YT when I can — and I am bound and determined to continue supporting the band and order Sassy For Satan as soon as I get paid again (which won’t be until next week) – – I’m pretty stoked to get the CD so I can rip it all to my iPod for some extreme up close and personal headfukking. Rock on and keep living every day like it might be our last because in this fukked up world you never know.
    p.s. Oh yeah – -the “swam acid” genre filing. I came up with that originally to describe ACID BATH – – due in part to their Louisiana roots, don’tcha know — and yes, I recall talking about it with you and how CS, being from Alabama and all (not to mention defying categorization despite being billed as “horror punk”) could testily fit under that moniker. But it’s meant with love uv kourse \m/


  2. SWAMP ACID goddamit ~;^\=


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