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2016 TIFF Spotlight on “Arrival” by Gregmo Roberts

The 41st Annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is set for September 8th through the 18th and will showcase nearly 300 films from around the world.  From documentaries to horror films, TIFF will be the center of the entertainment universe and Intestinal Fortitude will be there to soak in the adventures and stories that unfold on the big screens in Canada’s largest metropolis. 

But before the red carpets are vacuumed, the celebrities arrive with their entourages and the city transforms into a star-gazing mecca we will take time to focus on a new film every day that will be showcased at the festival.

Today’s Spotlight: Arrival

arrival-2016-poster-9Denis Villeneuve is one of the best directors working today.  Bursting on to the scene in 2009 with Polytechnique, Villeneuve has continued to hone and master his craft with films such as the Academy Award nominated Incendies (2010), Prisoners (2013) and last year’s best film, Sicario.

The Canadian born director is back at the TIFF in 2016 introducing his new science fiction film Arrival which is one of 20 films getting the full Gala Presentation treatment at this year’s fest.

Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, Arrival takes place in present day when 12 alien spacecraft appear around the world.  Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) is a linguist expert and is immediately thrust into action in an attempt to make contact with the alien visitors.  By her side is theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly (Renner) and while under the director of Colonel Weber (Whitaker) the team works together to answer the questions, “Why are they here?” and “What do they want?”

Will we make contact?  Will we see the aliens?  And what exactly do they want are questions audiences will have to wait to find out.  And if Sicario and Prisoners have taught us anything it’s that Villeneuve can ramp up the suspense as good as anyone.  

The TIFF program guide writes, “Aided by Bradford Young’s arresting cinematography, Johann Johannsson’s captivating score, and long-time collaborator Patrice Vermette’s minimalist production design, Villeneuve shows masterful control over tone as he creates palpable tension that quietly builds to the film’s powerful conclusion.  At once beautiful and haunting, Arrival is an alien movie that is fundamentally human.”

Arrival gets its Canadian Premiere on Monday September 12th at 9:30PM in the Roy Thompson Hall Theatre in the heart of the city.  It shows again on September 13th at the Princess of Wales Theatre and again on September 18th at the Ryerson Theatre.


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