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Space Monkey Death Sequence “People Alike All Over” Album Review by Vincent Daemon


SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE is: DOMINIC FRANCISCO – All Instrumentation/Composition/Production


Greetings once again boils and ghouls, lovers, haters, and those who just don’t give a shit. The ROSETTA BONES has been a little sparse the passed couple of months due to some health issues, personal issues *(extreme poverty, living arrangements, inability to do anything right – – – or even have things just be simple, etc.), project/time issues, some writer’s block, and the near constant work to improve our radiocast “TWO IN THE SAME BOAT + 1” *(returning with what looks to be a slam-bang Season 3 this upcoming October 3rd), as well as the multitude of other projects in the works *(keep eyes and ears alert for further details as they come to fruition). I’m back with a slew of reviews, rants, and societal observations soon to come your way *(like it or not – – – and I can guarantee there will be those who do not). Now that that’s over with – – –


SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE People Are Alike All Over Label: Perpetual Motion Studios Released: August 7th, 2015

Speaking of “ears” *(for the attention deficit dunces whom most likely already forgot that I just mentioned “ears” above, here’s your reminder), I’ve been sent this particularly mysterious swirling psychedelic slab, really quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, by not the AndroidVirus, but the other half of that team, Sean. And he sent this gem on a random whim of weird, as most of my review requests come from bands, AndroidVirus, or my own poking around in an often feeble attempt to find the GOOD and the UGLY *(occasionally coming across the beautiful, but mostly finding just the BAD, unfortunately). However, this is a concept collage of sound that seems almost tailor-made for the more esoteric aspects of my music bubble.

A little background: SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE *(aka: DOMINIC FRANCISCO) is a one man conceptual project of true experimentation. The title of this ever-sluicing sci-fi soundscape is PEOPLE ARE ALIKE ALL OVER, and is based on the classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode of the same name *(based on the similarly-titled short story by Paul W. Fairman, originally airing March 25th, 1960, and starring one of my favorite actors of the era, Roddy McDowall – – – it was also Season 1, Episode 25). What SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE has managed to do is create a constantly flowing album based around that episode as he remembers it upon first viewing it at the age of 12, and the places it took his youthful mind, encapsulated *(if you are familiar with the episode, no pun intended, you get that, heh) into a perfect time-span of 37 minutes and 18 seconds, replete with dialogue samples of a good portion of the episode strewn about throughout, turning the music into the story, and vice versa.

spacemonkeydeathsequence1Keep in mind that this is a conceptual sound collage, ie: though it may be “electronic,” don’t expect any technocrap dance beats, or even music in the traditional sense one thinks of music *(though it’s not without the occasional haunt-enticing melodies that most primordially transport this listener into the nether reaches of the galaxy in an infinity loop that brings us right back to – – – just where, you’ll have to listen for yourself). Best listened to on headphones *(or incredibly loud in a small room with no distractions), the damn-near genius of this idea ebbs and flows with the varied emotions of the samples themselves, which inadvertently guide one through this sci-fi nightmare twisty-tale of the future from yore *(much better than YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE – – – fukking Reb Brown).

In DOMINIC FRANCISCO’S words, recounting his memories of viewing the episode in a hypnagogic state at the age of 12: “I really felt like I was in ‘The Twilight Zone’. The parallels of the story felt present in my daily life, as I actively observed them after this episode. The endgame of the piece was not lost on me.” After a re-viewing in his adult life, he perceived it a little differently, finding a bit more humor than horror, but felt: “I didn’t want to forget how I had felt the first time I watched it. So, I knew I had to make this album.” About how this underground bit of psychedelia-laced sonic sorcery finally came together, DOMINIC states: “When I started this project shortly after that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it: tell the story of ‘People Are Alike All Over’, but through the lens of my twelve-year-old self. I wanted to capture the feeling of that summer night with this album, and I believe I have succeeded in doing that. This is how I experienced “People Are Alike All Over” ten years ago. This is what stuck with me. This shifted my perspective.

After my first listen of this unique soundscape-story epic, I believe that, YES, he has succeeded in capturing the feeling he was going for *(as I listen to and write this on a cooling late-summer night myself). Within the varying structures and smoothly textured layers of sound I can hear traces of the more bizarre elements of bands like HAWKWIND, CHROME, THROBBING GRISTLE, LOU REED’S Metal Machine Music,” and even hints of P.I.L. and the soundscapes of CHRISTIAN DEATH, with SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE being the more experimental aspects of those aforementioned acts. *(Realistically I have no clue as to whether any of those were influences on the performer or not, it’s just what my aural cavities are picking up on.)

smdsPEOPLE ARE ALIKE ALL OVER by SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed the hell out of it *(knowing the source material adds to that, of corpse). Want to / Need to hear something unlike anything else you’ve ever let into those misused *(and all too often unfortunately abused) crevices on either side of your head? PEOPLE ARE ALIKE ALL OVER by SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE may just be the cure. And best yet – – – you can go listen to it RIGHT FUKKING NOW, as the album is streaming at the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVES! It only costs you 37 minutes of your time to be thoroughly entertained, possibly even transfixed, by the sounds of another world, created by one incredibly talented and dedicated individual’s nostalgia of the future. Go. Listen. ENJOY. I did. *(I’d really like to hear DOMINIC FRANCISCO work with the CRYO CHAMBER Collaborative.)

For more info on SPACE MONKEY DEATH SEQUENCE *(as well as listen to the album), go to:

For even more in-depth info, go to:


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