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TWO IN THE SAME BOAT + 1: S3 Episode 2 Preview! by Vincent Daemon


This Monday, October 10th, from 9 pm – 11 pm EST/6 pm – 8pm PST, join MoJoE, Shaynna & Myself as we once again lead you through doorways unexpected to the eerie – – – the strange – – – the ridiculous – – – the macabre – – – the parts of *(and sometimes not) our world so few dare to tread, and even more misunderstand.

As always, we’ll be covering the ever-stranger WEIRD NEWS/WORLD NEWS; having a chat with one of our lovely correspondents, stopping by with new reports of their bit of *(Other?) Worldly strange; as always, we’ll be bringing you some of the finest Rock-n-Roll; finishing it all out with our Special Guest, Philadelphia’s Top Underground Artist of the Eroti-Macabre, KARA KOMA *(some of whom’s artwork can be viewed below – – – or at ).

It’s certain to be a great continuation leading up to our October 31st HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR – – – and hopefully beyond *(“Elections” are right around the corner, Boaters) – – – enjoy it now before the New Regime, right? This World’s a mess – – – let us know, What’s been Weird in your World? We LOVE you’re calls – – – reach us at (619) 924-0762.

Listen to TWO IN THE SAME BOAT + 1 with MOJOE, VINCENT & SHAYNNA at or on any app – – – and as always, thanks for listening. Also, don’t forget about the MOST DANGEROUS GAME, deadline Midnight, October 30th.

Be safe, all. There are some vicious World’s out there. Brought to you only by THE INTESTINAL FORTITUDE RADIO NETWORK.

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