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“The Rezort” 2016 TADFF Movie Review by Gregmo Roberts

The idea is brilliant.  If Jurassic Park can be such a monumental hit but displaying dinosaurs in a theme park type environment – why not try the same with zombies.  Again, brilliant.

The Rezort takes place after a zombie epidemic has killed billions of our population.  The humans were able to fight the impending apocalypse and gained control over the zombies where they were shipped to a Zombie Safari of sorts.  Here, humans can pay large sums of money for their chance to shoot the undead for sport. 

The Zombie Safari (Zafari) is a controlled environment.  There are countless cameras and fail-safes in place all monitored from a central control room.  And the zombies, for the most part, are put on display, like being chained to posts at a safe distance in an attempt at giving the vacationers what they crave while ensuring their upmost safety. 

rezortAlways wanted to shoot a zombie?  Welcome to the Zafari.  Wanted to seek some kind of twisted revenge for the loss of a loved one?  Welcome to Zafari.  Just want to kill something?  Welcome to Zafari

But if we learned anything from the Jurassic Park movies it’s that the best laid plans might always end up in chaos.  Disorder in this instance comes when a computer virus is uploaded into the central control system which brings the systems offline.  Zombies by the hundreds are now able to stroll right up the visitor’s camps and, of course, mayhem ensues. 

A small group of vacationers are in the middle of the bedlam and look to a veteran sharp shooter named Archer (Dougray Scott) to help them get off the island before a self-destruct order is enacted which will wipe out the entire Zafari.

This is where The Rezort slightly misses the mark.  The idea that is at the apex of the setting is inspired.  But once the systems go down, The Rezort morphs into a zombies run just a bit slower than the humans but manage to pick one off every few minutes for dramatic effect film.  There is a reveal as to what happens to refugees that does add a touch of flavor, but for the most part, The Rezort loses the momentum sustained in the opening sequences. 

To be fair, The Rezort is still an above average zombie film.  There wasn’t one particular kill that stood out from the rest.  But there are enough kills to keep the audience engaged.  And we would be remiss if we did not comment on the production values which exceeded all expectations. 

But we can’t leave Zafari without thinking of what could have been.  If the film spend more time on the exploration of the park and not so much on a forced story about amokness (yes, I made that word up) then I think we could have encountered one of the most brilliantly conceived zombie films of the past 25 years.  As the film ends up a bit of a cliff-hanger, let’s hope they get a second chance.   


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