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TWO IN THE SAME BOAT + 1: S3, E4 PREVIEW! Special Guest: ROBERT BRUCE, Owner and Operator of San Diego’s own HAUNTED HOTEL


This upcoming Monday, October 24th, from 9 – 11 pm EST/6 – 8 pm PST, climb aboard the BOAT of these dark, mist-layered and uncharted waters with Shaynna, MoJoE, and Myself, and let us take you down to inspect ye galleys of an especially haunted ship, as we answer the sweet call of that Samhain-Season Siren, dredging you up a bucket-load of ghoulish delights and impish diversions *(as well as perversions) in celebration of that upcoming Harvest Night of Paranormal Paradise.

boats3e4guest_4As always, we’ll be bringing only the best and most bizarre displays of mankind’s Darwin Award-Winning behaviors and actions at work as this World forever steeps itself in clinical insanity, with another hefty and healthy dose of WEIRD NEWS / WORLD NEWS; groove with us to some sluicing sounds of the night as we find you maniacal music that bites; follow our Cryptid-Correspondent, MONTGOMERY, through the strange shadows and haunt-infested wastes in the preternatural underbelly of that immensely peculiar and always curious land, with WHAT’S WEIRD IN NEW MEXICO; and of corpse whatever other shocks and surprises that may present themselves.

Finally, for the true Autumnal Connoisseur / consumer / Halloween Enthusiast, follow us right into the heart of the Seasonal-Haunt Industry, with Special Ghost ROBERT BRUCE, owner and operator of San Diego’s own HAUNTED HOTEL *(check the pics below for a little peek inside).  We’ll be discussing how this long-running, nationally known attraction has been staying fresh – – – ticking yearly like a well-oiled machine – – – with a largely recurrent and highly dedicated cast and crew of ghouls, werewolves, gargoyles, succubi, madmen, and makeup fx artists, to all else involved. From conceiving and updating themes and designs, both current and classic, to seamlessly, inventively blending the most macabre of the two in their own unique way year after year, in the ever-morphing *(and highly competitive) Halloween Horror Industry.  

We’ll also be taking YOUR CALLS – – – let us know, What’s been Weird in your World? CALL IN at (619) 924-0762! We’re curious, what are some of the strangest or most nostalgic aspects of the Halloween of your youth? Or even now? What are some of your favorite Halloween songs, costumes, activities? Have you anything planned for the preceding evening, DEVIL’S NIGHT *(aka: MISCHIEF NIGHT)? Will you also be celebrating Dias de Muertos? Do you celebrate at all? Is it a spiritual day for you, or merely fun? CALL IN AND LET US KNOW!

One final thing: I hope you all haven’t forgotten about A MOST DANGEROUS GAME? The Deadline is Midnight, October 30th. You will win a cd, by just who we are not yet announcing – – – it’s part of the treat – – – but it’s from a friend of the show, and the winner won’t be disappointed. See *(hear?) you this Monday!


**And after the show, from 11 pm – 1 am EST, be sure to tune in to  as The B-Movie Brujo, AndroidVirus, becomes the DJVirus for INFERNAL CIRCLE RADIO, playing not only the finest in metal, but Punk, Death Metal, Hardcore, Goth, Thrash, NWOBHM, Grind, Deathpunk, Crossover, Doom, Cock Rock, Industrial, MetalPunk, Rock-n-Roll, Black Metal, and much more. It’s how I relax after every show, as he conveniently follows TWO IN THE SAME BOAT + 1 every week; you should pop over and relax with us.

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