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“The Windmill” Movie Review by Xander Kane

The Windmill is the newest film form Nick Jongerius. He has worked on several films over the years from producer, writer, and director but most notably he was a producer/second unit director for Frankenstein’s Army. Frankenstein’s Army was a film that was a surprise hit to many taking on a unique approach to the found Footage genre. After hearing he was working on an upcoming slasher flick it had my interest immediately. Let me give you a quick rundown of the plot here. A group of people on a tour bus have the unfortunate luck of breaking down. Low and behold to them there is a windmill with an odd history. It would seem the legend was that the people who operated this windmill may have ground up human remains instead of grain. The members of the tourist group start disappearing and our lead character slowly realizes there are some similarities between all of them. In the jam packed month of October let’s find out if The Windmill can pull out ahead in a busy month of horror releases.

windmillCharlotte Beaumont plays the role of our lead character Jennifer. She ends up in a terrible situation with her current employer and it forces her to leave in a panic. Her character is a bit uneasy most of the time and it is quickly apparent it is because of her home life. Poor girl can’t seem to get a damn break. Charlotte does a great job of making you feel empathetic towards her character without going too far off the deep end. When they all take shelter at the Windmill is really when we get a little more character development and back story on some characters. This particular part of the film is when we start to see some supernatural elements added to the film.  This is definitely one of the things I liked the most about the film.

The killer in this film known as The Miller definitely has the iconic look I was hoping for. He has an eerie burnt /deformed face that will give you the creeps. He wields a Scythe as his weapon and his first kill will have you wanting more. Don’t be fooled that is not the only way he kills his victims. The supernatural aspect of the story begins to creatively find ways to lure the victims to their certain death. He is also an opportunist by using his surrounding environment to manipulate a kill. The Miller is a new face to horror that we can hopefully see again. He really hits all the right spots we need a killer to do in a slasher film. There has been many other slasher films that add an extra element of the supernatural. However, many times it falls flat and leaves you scratching your head rather than getting creeped out. I think The Windmill is one of the few that actually pulls it off.

There is a lot of good in The Windmill that will definitely keep the slasher fan happy. We get solid creative kills and a decent amount of gore but nothing too intense here. Well…I guess that depends on your opinion of too intense. The story serves the film well enough even though there are a few minor bumps throughout. You get a few unexpected moments that you may not see coming and a handful you do. The Windmill is a great addition to world of Slashers. I never thought I would think of Windmills to be a little creepy. Thanks to this import from Holland by Nick Jongerius old windmills are now officially creepy. The Windmill is definitely worth seeking out for genre fans.


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