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Voting Open for 3rd Annual Horror Short Film Festival; Offers $2,699 in Cash & Other Prizes!

Don’t Stand There Like a Bloody Zombie … VOTE NOW! (Oct. 25 – Nov. 1)

Fans from around the world are invited to vote, between Oct. 25 – Nov.1, for the sick, terrifying, horrific and grotesque in the third annual Audience Awards (AudAwards) 2016 Horror Short Film Festival. Forty-five demented filmmakers are competing for $2,699 in cash and prizes … and your vote counts!

AudAwards provides a stage for short films and engaging stories. Dedicated to celebrating the power of storytelling and building audiences for new talent, it was created by filmmakers for filmmakers to help grow careers and fund dreams. All filmmakers who are a part of AudAward festivals gain invaluable exposure including press and social media engagement.

THE CHALLENGE:  Submit an original, short horror film (no longer than 45 minutes).

JUDGING:  A noted industry panel of judges will award three prizes.  Three additional prizes will be awarded based on results of Audience Awards People’s Choice Competition, live from Oct. 25, 2016, 12 p.m. MT (USA) through Nov.  1, 2016, 12 p.m. MT (USA).

Vote at: 

PRIZES: Six winning films will be showcased at the inaugural International Audience Awards Film Festival in April 2017, in Los Angeles at Laemmle Theaters Noho.  Other prizes include:

 Jury Awards:

  • 1st Place $150 Audience Awards site credit for future contests & challenges plus one (1) music license for a film with a budget up to $1 million will be awarded by Filmstro, the world’s first soundtrack creation studio ($1,999 value).  Score your film and make a masterpiece!

  • 2nd Place $100 Audience Awards site credit.

  • 3rd Place $50 Audience Awards site credit.


Audience Awards:

  • 1st Place $300 cash. 

  • 2nd Place $60 Audience Awards site credit.

  • 3rd Place $40 Audience Awards site credit.


About Audience Awards:

Launched in 2013, Audience Awards (AudAwards) is an innovative, online, video contest platform, with a rapidly growing community that is 150,000members strong. AudAwards competitions are an organic opportunity to cross-promote brands, projects, products, services, causes and the work of emerging filmmakers on a broad scale.  We understand what it means to be an independent filmmaker, struggling to be heard and seen – usually on a shoestring budget – and AudAwards is a unique stage for advancing careers. Top brands like Hilton, Kodak and Fusion, among numerous others, call upon our member filmmakers to produce and submit videos (following specific criteria) for people’s choice voting, allowing audiences to come together to support outstanding talent. Winners receive a variety of cash awards ranging as high as $50,000 and other in-kind prizes. Competitions have provided opportunities to be presented at prestigious film festivals and land distribution deals with major networks.  Corporations and other organizations gain unique perspectives into consumer tastes, as well as rights to valuable assets.  It’s a win-win!  Visit us online at: 

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