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The Full Mental Racket Podcast #2

This week on FULL MENTAL RACKET… as we all get ready to slam the door on 2016, we 1st want to smack its ass on the way out! Psyte and Red hit rewind and snatch a few headlines that made rumbles. Then hit fast forward for a view through the bio-metric scanner and brace for what’s bumping around the bend. On our scope, the future of earthquake predictions is knocking hard with a new smartphone app while the tectonics in the NFL show an energy buildup as the SD Chargers make a major shift towards LA. Sean Penn gets shook as we tribute the legendary Jeff Spicoli and also a loving look back to the original nerd , Slave Leia, RIP. It’s all love, and it’s all LIVE!

Listen to the Episode Here: TFMR Podcast #2


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