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THE USEFUL IDIOT, CONSPIRACY THEORY, FLAT EARTH & YOU: A Pontification on the Strange State of Dangerous and Ignorant Thought in an Abstract World By Vincent Daemon


PART I: Conspiracy Theory, Flat Earths & Related Rhetoric

I’ve always been a fan of what’s called Conspiracy Theory, from my earliest years before I was even aware there was a term for such things. The conspiracy behind the word origin is fairly interesting, as the C.I.A. supposedly designed and deployed it like a word bomb around 1967, in order to curb the growing public dissent and disillusionment with the Vietnam War. The phrase was designed (and I use that word specifically) to eliminate any possible legitimacy from any idea that generally questions the motivations behind society, law, authority, government, science, belief systems, etc., that may be a bit off the grid, effectively making the presenter seem like a looney toon. It’s a phrase meant to evermore blur the lines of the logical and the batshit crazy, to promote countering disinformation largely in order to seriously denigrate the validity of genuine conspiracies: false flags, financial fraud, dodgy government secrets, and all the rest of the the re-written history and incessant, incendiary lies we’ve been force-fed since (especially) 1945, or what’s considered the start of The Modern Age onward.

Back a couple of years ago, when I was doing the largely Phenomenology based radio show 2 in the Same Boat, we covered all manner of Conspiracy Theory practically every episode. And while doing a lot of that research, I became ever more curious about the actual mechanics of the Conspiracy Theory, the in’s & out’s of those fleeting and seemingly random loose associative ideas that take a certain kind of hold and proceed to spread like a plague, some for better, and some for far, far worse. I went from being merely intrigued by most, to taking a very steep nosedive down a twisting, labyrinthine rabbit hole that has no end . . . and no real beginning, either.

Occasionally some Conspiracy Theories will actually turn out to have an inkling of truth, or to have actually outright happened. Yes it is now proven fact that Scientology is not merely a Cult of rich loonies, but rather a savage system of brainwashing, brutality of all manner, and theft. It is proven fact the Catholic Church was in cahoots with the Nazi’s during WW2. It is proven fact that the U.S. gov’t gave sanctuary to, then recruited, Nazi scientists in 1945, known as “Operation Paperclip.” The U.S. gov’t distributing poisoned booze during prohibition, another dark truth. At last count I came across roughly 45 proven U.S. gov’t conspiracies. There’s MK Ultra, the heinous Tuskegee Experiment, Watergate, Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, etc. The total list of Conspiracy Theories, however, is virtually endless, and it seems there’s a little something for everyone: Reptilians in the White House; Trump being a Manchurian Candidate; Jon Benet Ramsey’s family being deeply involved in her abuse & death; 9/11; the Queen had Princess Di killed; Area 51; Roswell; the ZOG run Hollywood; the Kennedy Assassination; Mandela Effect; Philadelphia Experiment; Kurt Cobain’s death; Dulce Base; Natalie Wood’s death; Pizzagate; the Moon landing; aliens on the Moon; Project Blue Beam; Freemasons; Illuminati; Black Knight satellite; Marilyn Monroe; NWO; Vaccines; the A.I. takeover; Zombie Virus; Media/Hollywood; Antifa Warriors (heh I love that one); all things NASA; the Flat Earth; nuclear weapons don’t exist; cancer doesn’t exist; the Holocaust hoax; Anne Frank didn’t – – –

Wait, what? Go back and peruse that list carefully, I’ll give you a moment. Of course the majority of Conspiracy Theories can be pretty over the top, with odd tendrils that extend to create new ideas that either reinforce or alter the mainstays, each new growth and variant leading to ever stranger versions of the tale at hand, but, did you catch those last few? From about the Flat Earth on. Yeah. Interestingly enough, they are all interrelated, and you’ll notice they all follow a linear theme of sorts. And they primarily stem from one place. This is where I tend to believe that the innocuously silly seeming Flat Earth Conspiracy may actually be the most dangerous one of the lot, and something far more insidious than the fanatical and viscerally attached proponents of this eons-dated mindset (as once they bite, it seems to become far more than just an idea) would or could ever recognize. This is what I full well suspect to be a series of small seemingly innocuous conspiracies within one major, highly effective conspiracy, fueled entirely by the simplest of disinformation campaigns, knowing exactly how and who to target first. And it’s easy pickins. Sound a bit looney? Let me explain.

It was 2014, right when the radio show was being conceived and developed, and I’d begun to delve deeply into various ideas as topics or subjects for the show, that I really first came across the Flat Earth Conspiracy. At first, I have to admit, I thought it was a joke of some kind, that these were a multitude of meme articles with satirical intent. But then I began to notice the savagery in the way so many of the apparent supporters held so steadfastly to this absolutely archaic idea.

So, what is the Flat Earth Conspiracy? The simple version is that we have been taught a lie, and that the globe Earth is merely some kind of programming. Instead, and it gets a bit dicey here, there are two major models for the flat plane that even the believers can’t agree on. In the first,  the Earth is a fixed, unmoving flat plane surrounded by ice walls, beyond which lay endless undiscovered continents and bounty, but of which we are the domed center, as we are also the center of the universe. In the second, we are on some kind of a disk, covered by a dome, surrounded by an ice wall, hovering in the center of the universe. In both, there is no outer space as we commonly think of it, just as there are no stars, or possibly even planets. The sun and the Moon merely rotate around each other on the circumference of the disc, and are both an equidistant 3,ooo miles above the Earth, the Cosmos being only 3,100 miles up.  The Moon is in no way a natural object. Henceforth, we’ve never been to the Moon. The Moon is most usually considered a projection or hologram, sometimes a hollow object that is some kind of surveillance or mind control device. There is no such thing as gravity, and what surrounds the plane, what we call “space,” is not a vacuum. They believe all Science is a lie, and that only things that can be proven with the naked eye are fact. Neil Degrasse Tyson is not to be trusted, is an actor and a paid shill for NASA, an organisation founded by former Nazi’s who essentially run the New World Order in collusion with CERN, the Banks, the Freemasons and the Illuminati. And most importantly, more so than any other one thing, the Earth is flat because . . . it says so in the Bible. God’s Word. His lips directly to your ears through the delusional misinterpretations of the most mangled book in history. Ah, well that just about seals it, now doesn’t it. Case closed! If you choose to laugh it off or shit-forbid try to introduce logic to communication then you are, obviously, a shill, Flat Eather code for the non-believer.

Holy batshit Christ I thought to myself, what the hell is happening? I wanted in on the joke. The more I looked into this, the more I was finding. And the more research I did into other conspiracies, the more of this I was finding. Not too soon after, it was getting to a point in some circles where almost all major, and minor, current conspiracies were either somehow now directly linked to this or because of this Flat Earth Conspiracy. But I was noticing something else, as I checked out videos and articles and comments sections, several things that really threw me. More than the ardent Belief in this idea, was the vitriolic fervor which these believers held for their strange Chapel of Belief. This is of a religious magnitude, and to listen to a show where you actually hear them spin-out on this tends to remind me intensely of the withered, sweaty, fevered and gibbering televangelists of the 1980’s & ‘90’s . . . each and every one of them a true shill, incidentally. There is no debating, only a newfound, immobilized Belief System consisting of a communication style based on frothing, bizarre pseudo-religious rhetoric and an ill-logic that forever collapses in on itself. It’s like watching a madness consume an unknowing mind.

That was in 2014. Skip ahead to now, just about the dawn of 2018, and this has indeed spread like a cancer, like some kind of idea virus. And to see the behaviors that this Conspiracy-turned-Belief System induces is not altogether unlike Tony Burgess’ Pontypool. Once people buy into this, a stark raving madness seems to come over them, and any capacity for Critical Thinking evaporates in a mist of blathering spittle and senselessly more absurd, kind-of-becoming-sorta-dangerous-ways-to-think new Conspiracy Theories, the only general link to which I can find would be that “everything is a lie.” About a year ago I came across the Nuclear Hoax. This theory surmises that Hiroshima never happened, the Cold War never really happened, and nuclear weapons just don’t exist. It’s all just been a ruse to fool and control us, a scare tactic, like everything else. It’s just another lie. Because nuclear weapons can’t exist because radiation doesn’t exist, according to the Radiation Hoax. See, Hiroshima was merely firebombed, and nuclear power isn’t what we think it is (remember, the Nuclear Hoax), just another ruse, because nothing is radioactive, because it just doesn’t exist. Well, what about cancer, you may ask. Where’s that come from? It doesn’t exist, silly, because there is also a highly prevalent Cancer Hoax. You see, it’s merely other issues with your body, not cancer cells consuming all in their path like some kinda Langolier-Pac Man monstrosity lurking about in your system, waiting to strike. No, it’s other issues causing your illness and you’re getting sicker from the odd caustic chemicals that they give you that certainly don’t involve radiation because, you know, radiation is an hoax, just like cancer. Well, if all one needs to see truth is their eyes, then I know a few people who might have something entirely different to say on some of those topics. What’s so bothersome to me about this, what keeps niggling and gnawing at my gut, is the dire willful ignorance propagated by an idea like this, the blatant stupidity, and the fact that it’s the perfect example of what I see as a very dangerous Conspiracy Theory. Not because it’s challenging, not because it may have some Earth-shattering truth to it, but because it promotes that willful ignorance, bandies it pridefully about on the biggest flagpole in town, celebrates that stupidity on high within the impenetrable ice wall safety-net confines of their dreadful Cultish ideologies. Holy hell forbid these dunderheads have children or loved ones that depend on them and develop some form of cancer. They’ll try and “exorcise the demon” (these are the same people who do believe CERN is conjuring demons after all) exclusively with mandrake root, aloe juice, and scripture – – – yikes. It’s a sponge-mindedness that makes people stupid, aggressive, and seemingly induces the development of an automaton herd-like mentality, all the while claiming their superiority in intelligence and freethinking. There is another good example, but I’m going to hold off on that for now. .

PART II: Useful Idiots, Entertaining Weaponry & What You Don’t Know

What is happening? How did we get to this? Well, here’s where I believe that it gets truly interesting, some conclusions that I’ve come to about this mindset of absurdity, and it may be no less absurd. I am full well under the impression that this whole Flat Earth thing is a wickedly simplistic, highly effect psyop meant to induce a mass dumbing down, when presented in such a manner to be willingly consumed and neuro-linguistically digested as entertainment by the intended targets (thank you Tavistock Institute). The Flat Earthers love to refer to themselves as the Truther Movement, based upon the ideology that absolutely everything you have learned is a lie, as is all science, and only your eyes and the bible are to be trusted. Being a Truther deceptively sounds like a good thing, but it’s a state born from existing in a world where so many major things really are a lie. A lot of these people are in the unfortunate age group where the only government that they can remember, the only world, is one filled with particularly rotten new lies and heinous corruptions everyday. A world programmed to Never forget! Never forget! A Culture of Fear. It’s not much to instill hope, and they already have the lifelong imprint of this culture’s programming so ingrained that a certain part of their psyche is already broken down and ripe for a takeover. They need a truth so goddamned badly they’re willing to video themselves standing in their mom’s back yard, running an hose over a tennis ball like goddamned fools, snidely sneering “No gravity, see? SEE? I told ya so!” At first I thought it was funny. Then it kind of made me angry. Now I think it rather sad, and these people have been suckered into something that they’ll most likely never fully get the logistics of. That’s where it gets scary.

So, Step 1, make sure the intended targets are broken down & psychologically degraded enough to be fully receptive. Check. Oh, but how to fully seal that degradation in tight? Simple, through the aforementioned use of entertainment programming, of course. Step 2, also known as Weaponized Entertainment, is the vapid music, saccharine-shit television, reality-melt video games and other incessant distractions that these Truthers have been pelted with all their lives. The absolute lowest base levels of the modern junk culture food chain. It’s yet another latchkey generation ween’d on a total and complete fantasy world of over-encouraged extended childhoods wholly influenced by reality tv, non-stop role playing/cos-playing (and I don’t mean D&D, I mean of the actual dissociative variety yet somehow perfectly acceptable), cheap technology, Everyone Gets a Medal logic, History Channel “factual” rhetoric, mainstream media/music (the Pop-Culture Epidemic), inane pseudoscience, overblown cinematic superhero epics and all the rest a bloated staid rehash, and the stunningly foolish appropriation of complete and total Political Correctness. Does anyone even read anymore, even want to use their imagination, their mind? Nope. It’s astonishing, it was easy, and it’s not their fault.

Give them Youtube and watch them swarm. Youtube has become the ultimate vehicle for the easy-access delivery of this psychological poison. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the first recent major spotlight on the Flat Earth came from self-published nobody Eric Dubay and his book The Flat Earth Conspiracy. That was in 2014, and there was an accompanying youtube video that dropped out of nowhere and miraculously garnered a following so fervently loyal that it was Cultish. It then became the Truther Movement. The next big thing was his next self-published book 200 Proofs, which also had a popular accompanying video. That one was based around 200 photos taken of various horizon lines by the auteur himself, proving the Earth has no curvature by eye alone. (Yes, the Earth does have a curvature, the immensity of our planet compared to us renders it essentially unviewable, but I’m not getting into it, that’s how they pull you in.) So now there are hordes of idiots out there making vids featuring their inane explanations about horizon lines, and well fuck mathematics, there’s no place for that here. You can literally watch hundreds of thousands of hours of logic, history, and fact being thrown out the window for religious superstition, regressive thought processes, and an inexplicable follow the leader mindset. Even though they think they’re thinking for themselves, it doesn’t take a psychic to figure out which script they will rant from depending on the logic provided, as they all argue the same sentences verbatim from that of Mr. Dubay. And they wait to pounce like caffeined up quasi-intellectual sociopaths harboring a severe Oppositional Defiant Disorder gone too long unchecked.

In all honesty, I find that just as repentantly scary (and beyond regressive, almost rapidly devolutionary), their particularly over-willing pack mentality. Beyond the blissfully blind, incredibly boxed (or domed I supposed) mindsets of The Great Flat believers (as well as the seemingly endless nastiness associated with their previously mentioned winning personalities, it’s not a good way to get one’s point across) is the incredible amount of self-centeredness presenting itself in such an insidiously subjugative (not subjective) and unknowing, or not caring, fashion. It seems to unconsciously roil to the surface the further ingrained the idea that Earth is the Center of the Universe becomes. Is it ego? And if so, have they confused the ideas of ego and righteousness, slavering in the stink of a pride they think they’ve risen above? That does seem to be the sum total of their take on spirituality.

So they’ve been broken down, refilled with caustic fluff, been given a misdirected cause for “truth” and an ambiguous leader that puts on heirs of hidden wisdoms all but through the grace of God, and a place where their ideas can be the center of all things, where they can feel like they have an important place in the universe, and that some white bearded father figure is waiting to take them home. This is quite literally Brainwashing 101. This is how Charles Manson grew his family. It’s so obvious it’s almost comical. Now that all the other factors are in place, the confusion can begin. And it happens quite naturally given what’s been done to their psyches, their personalities, their Belief Systems. Slowly they recede into an hyper-paranoid internet netherworld, feeding on a nonstop diet of disinformation rhetoric and ultra-paranoid delusion, largely served out by youtube like free digital McDonald’s. Ultimately, they can only be tolerated by others in their fold, devoting themselves wholly to conversion, internet missionaries on a righteous crusade reminiscent of some weird digital Manifest Destiny or Templar-like cull. Isolation, loneliness, severe paranoia, depression creep in. It explains some of the temperament.

And that brings me to the next interesting example that perhaps shows the real face of the Flat Earther logic. Most recently, the FEs have come to the conclusion that, well, the Holocaust was also a hoax. It never happened. Hitler wasn’t a good guy, but he was misunderstood, history has recorded it all wrong. He was merely trying to move the Jews peacefully out of Germany. There’s no real proof of death camps, human experimentation, or any of that. For real, what the fuck? This is a blatant slip of legit historical knowledge, one of the most monstrous events in human history, there’s no debate on this topic. It’s part of the leering anti-semitism that I’ve seen creeping into the Conspiracy community that seems to almost directly stem from this so-called Truther Movement. I thought we were past this as a civilization. This is right out of the David Duke campaign trail handbook. It’s the folly of extreme right groups from the KKK to the Aryan Brotherhood to ridiculous, infantile grape-lipped and skinheaded Nazi punks. To add insult to injury, this is all delivered with a simpering apologist attitude, as if that makes the belief any less objectionable. On the contrary, it kind of shows that you’re not entirely sure or comfortable with your rotten p.o.v. anyway.

This is not only even more ridiculous than the Cancer Hoax, this is the cancer. I wallow in Political Incorrectness like an horny sau, believe you me, but this is dangerous, ignorant, unacceptable territory. Years ago I worked at an horrible nursing home, and I took care of a patient with the Auschwitz numbers tattooed on her arm, and when she was scheduled to take her shower, her reaction was one of a post-traumatic terror that was inconceivable by almost any standard, and quite real. Tell her the Holocaust was an hoax. And if you follow the trail of growth and belief from this supposed Truther Movement, you begin to see something much more sinister brewing just below the surface, something those involved can not see, are constitutionally incapable of ever seeing, lest they have an epiphany or major ideological shift, or simply intellectually grow out of it. Maybe not even then, really. Of all the Conspiracy Theories I’ve seen people drop, dump, alter or disavow, the Flat Earth is one I’ve not seen anyone yet renege allegiance to. And I look for it, in fact I’m hoping to see it. At least then it would appear as if some of the sleepers thinking they’ve awoken are realizing they haven’t and are now working to forge a more positive, proactive worldview. Highly doubtful, however. Add to all of this the ultimate failure of a thoroughly useless educational system that long ago distanced itself from introducing any kind of Critical Thinking or actual learning, and it all begins to make a certain kind of sense in a very non paranoid way, as uncomfortable as it may feel.

PART III: What’s the Point, PsyClops & What Can You Do?

So, what would be the ultimate point to there being a major conspiracy involving a Flat Earth? What’s to be had, the NWO goal? Why keep something like that secret? Even those in their ranks can’t cohesively tell you. It can range from: the government wanting total control of your mind (do they not see the innate irony here);  being financially driven, the banks and world governments all in some kind of super-synched collusion; they are actively keeping you away from God; to being some kind of Matrix, something so dark and sinister that it defies all reason of logic of non-subjective reality, and may involve interdimensional beings/demons. Here again is a great example of how little a distinction there is between franchised art and real life (refer to Step 2: Fill Them with Caustic Fluff) that is so prevalent in our unculture, this Matrix spiel is a regular thing and an entirely other theory in its own right, but it shows you where the mindset is at creatively, imaginations and Critical Thought thoroughly stifled in one-track, hive mind mentalities, and it’s pretty grim . . . nobody asked you to take “a red pill and get woke” (I’ve also noticed their grammar is just all around dreadful; I’m guessing their newfound gnosis doesn’t require much in the way of literacy or basic written/typed communication skills), and to start slathering your ideas, the equivalent of thought-feces, all over the whiteboard (please stop). Many can get very Zeitgeist-y about it, claiming all the ills in the world are related to the Flat Earth deception, and always have been. I don’t know what world you’re living in, but I see nowhere near the level of competency and organization it would take to pull off such a grand, functional, long running deception going 2000 years strong. And again, if so, why?

The Godfather of Conspiracy Theory, Robert Anton Wilson, used to use a term, Useful Idiot. He claimed it was a C.I.A. term that referred to someone who was spreading disinformation, or otherwise assisting the C.I.A., without having any clue that they were doing so. And I do theorize that with the Flat Earther movement, that is exactly what is happening. Think, people. It’s a manufactured dumbing down process, and once certain individuals take the plunge it becomes a Belief System of rabbit holes that hits like an addiction, swirling their minds and lives into a bitter confusion of hostility and acting out. You are being used! Incidentally, if you’re into Conspiracy Theories, Phenomenology, the Occult, Semantics, Quantum Speculation and the like, I absolutely urge you seek out the works of Robert Anton Wilson. He was a brilliant thinker, observer, writer, lecturer, linguist, mathematician, philosopher, quantum speculator, futurist, psychonaut, vocal medical marijuana supporter, and Pope in the Church of the SubGenius, as well as a sweet, wise, wonderful being who espoused a sharp perception of intellect, consciousness, and the human condition. The whole Illuminati mythology is largely due to a series that RAW had written in the early 1970’s, The Illuminatis Trilogy, and the subsequent Cosmic Trigger series. It all stems from a general misunderstanding of a literary tightrope act that deliberately wavers between hard fact and the flightiest of fiction. I think his work is an absolute must if one is going to dabble in these sketchy waters, check it out. *sigh* I digress.

In an over-sanitized world where the only other culture besides Pop seems to be the sickeningly sanitized Mommy Culture, this perhaps being the biggest detriment of all, seeing a generation that’s about to face some before unbeknownst serious adversity that will sideswipe their psyche’s like a Mac truck to a Ford Pinto, without any warning, completely psychologically unprepared, is a brutal thing. Their incredibly misguided Marxist-Fascist Politically Correct worldviews of mangled speech, stifled thought, and forced tolerance is already creating a Utopia of Ignorance, an inescapable place they won’t want to be, and it won’t take much for that Truther Movement level ignorance to insert itself here. The psycho-behavioral and thought processes are already that kind of similar. But as you look at all of this, taking it in as the cultural jumble that it is, find it all innocently stupid perhaps, do keep in mind that this just may be one of the most insidious of C.I.A. psyops yet perpetrated, and one of the simplest, too. It is absolutely brilliant and highly, highly effective. It only took one cheap seed. If you really want to fight “Them,” don’t be an Useful Idiot in “Their” Church of Belief, unknowingly helping to build “Their” Utopia of Ignorance.

Really, I’m not here to smash or deny anyone of their beliefs. I could give a good goddamn what you do, at all, what you believe. You do you. Believe what you want. It makes no difference to me. Understand you’re on a slippery slope, and know this: Science-and-Soul need to walk Hand-in-Hand, as opposed to being this rift of derision that the Elites will and do in fact use against the populace as nothing more than a means to their own ends – – – and most likely ours. Divided We Stand is a poor philosophy to adhere to, and that I feel is the ultimate goal of this psyop: to create as much division, discord, and disharmony as possible within the tenuous micro-fabric of society. Everything is fractured, and it creates the perfect confused-distraction environment for this sort of mind-fungus to thrive. Don’t let the Science vs. Spirituality (not Religion) debate fool you. I firmly Believe that the two are integral to each other, and it baffles me that so many find this idea preposterous. To me it makes all the sense in the world, and it always has.

If nothing else, I ask only that perhaps you all ponder one thing, if only for a brief moment: What if the whole Great Deception was that you’ve all been worshiping the wrong god? If one wants to take the re-re-re-re-re-re-written bible(s), and genuine (as well as genuinely misunderstood/deliberately misinterpreted to someone else’s benefit) texts as literal (as opposed to allegorical, which if you read closely the Bible actually states, several times, that most of these tales are allegory), then ponder this, as well: Who brought forth  illumination, so man could see beyond his sight? Who gave us true knowledge, as opposed to letting us remain the blithering idiots we apparently were? I personally always imagined pre-Apple Adam & Eve as clinically retarded, cooing at the Great Man in the Sky and forever humping like incestuous rabbits, which the Bible is chock full of, this incestuous rabbit behavior, which may explain a Lot (ha, get it?) of the subsequent character behaviors. The only Truth is we know nothing: not about our planet; not about our oceans; not about the Cosmos; not of God; and very little of ourselves. The only absolute is Death, and even that’s not certain as we still aren’t even sure just what exactly Death constitutes. There’s no reason for perpetual ugliness and arguing, there’s enough of that in this big round world as is, regardless of what you believe. Discussion is possible without devolving into a menagerie of confusion and name calling. Belief Systems can be a funny thing; think before you sink. Know yourselves, check yourselves. Ask yourself, everyday: Are you a good person? It’s all that counts. Do What Thou Will . . .

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