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DEVIL MASTER “INHABIT THE CORPSE” ep/ S/T ep by Vincent Daemon

A quick one, something I just came across while checking out SLIMY MEMBER the other night. Interestingly enough they’re from that wretched redbrick wasteland I often call home, Philadelphia. That, along with the overall vibe I got from the artwork and even the name of the band, were more than enough for me to decide eh, what the hell? I mean, really, what else was I actually even doing at the time? *(Not fukking much, I can assure you.)

Apparently DEVIL MASTER have been around since at least 2016, when they released their first 5 song, self titled cassette. *(Coming across both ep’s at once, I’ve decided to review both as in total it surmounts to just over 20 minutes of music.) Upon hearing the first track, “The Devil Master (Master Is Your Devil),” I couldn’t’ve been more thrilled I’d made the choice I had. This is a really interesting blend of a couple of different things, primarily deathrock and blackmetal, the resulting sound being the hate child of a violent assault between CHRISTIAN DEATH, HAVOHEJ, and AMEBIX. But again, as with anything I actually like *(rare that I’ve heard so much good the passed couple of weeks), that is only a vague personal comparison. DEVIL MASTER take these influences and play not hero-worship, but carve out something quite their own into the putrefied corpses of both punk and blackmetal. This is no bearded hipster bullshit. Amidst the pagan tribal d-beats and rich atmospherics, something very unique is conjured up here. The bowels of Hell bellow and spew forth into the amazing closing track, “Sex With Succubus,” falling at that point into a genre for which there’s no definition, a strangely melodic vibe taking the full reigns of sacrifice and leading the ep out with a darkened din of mystery.

The INHABIT THE CORPSE ep from 2017 follows the S/T up with more of the same *(not a complaint). In fact, the outro of the S/T runs right into the intro to this, and it’s barbarian rage opener title track “Inhabit The Corpse.” My favorite song here is easily “Gates Of Pain,” another deceptively melodic track, leaning far more toward the punk end of their wide spectrum. And that seems to be where DEVIL MASTER’S true strengths lay *(when not dabbling in the all consuming rich atmospherics), within that unique ability to unexpectedly work in unique heart-wrenching melodics, creating an ultimate fury of pure blasphemy being projected.


As with any band worth their measure in this strange musical realm, coming across any info or real pics was virtually impossible. And the few I did find conjured images, much like the music, of the icy Philly streets littered with human refuse and filth, bums freezing like dirt popsicles on frigid and sickly sober Hell nights. Of the soul-sucking leech-crab succubi bitches waiting in club shadows to bring putrescence into your very soul. That is, if she doesn’t end up in some junkyard as a ritual sacrifice first. *(It all very much depends on where one’s mind is at while listening, I suppose – – – though anyone who’s ever lived in this godforsaken city right well knows of what I speak.) And if you were to visually see them, would it really matter? *(I mean go see them live, yes, I plan to, I’ve read it’s an interesting show.) It’s the classic look, done right. Mystery here is key, obscurity one of the main components. I will say it conjures glorious visions of a was that is not now, not just visually but also in sound.

I imagine anyone reading this by now will already know if it’s for them. Basically, think DARKTHRONE’S punk period releases, mixed with what feels like less sarcasm and more actual occultic intent and better atmospherics, and even that’s not entirely right. DEVIL MASTER is gutterpunk-deathrock-blackmetal, it’s raw and filled with hate and melody and vitriol, and has crawled out of the gutters of Philadelphia, PA. There’s a whole lotta brutality in this 22 or so minutes of sonic attack That means listen to this, you fukk. Stop making me explain the unexplainable, just check it out, get to it. And it’s on fukking cassette, what the hell more could you want? Check out the links below and buy the damn tapes already, both of them.


DEVIL MASTER at Bandcamp:

To purchase cassettes:

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